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  1. Have faith in Coach Traylor I truly believe he is going to surprise a lot of people and clean up in East Texas! Hook'em Horns!
  2. East Texas is going to be BURNT ORANGE before Coach Traylor gets through. Great hire by Charlie besides his recruiting has a great offensive mind!
  3. Agree I think Coach Traylor is going to really help us sew up the East Texas area and is also a great offensive mind. The future is bright!
  4. Great Hire! The future is getting brighter everyday for the Longhorns! Coach Strong knocked this one out of the ballpark!
  5. It is a done deal! Just took a little longer then expected.
  6. The future is bright for our Longhorns! Hook'em!
  7. Will be announced tomorrow. Coach Traylor is in Gilmer talking to his family,coaches, and players. Coach Strong has made a HOMERUN hire.
  8. He does follow Coach Strong on Twitter. He started following Strong long before Sumlin. One of the reasons he might be following Sumlin is that his son is a redshirt for A&M. Strong and Traylor have a great relationship and a lot of respect for each other.
  9. Traylor to Texas should be announced sometime today. Lots of smoke that it is a done deal. A great hire for the LONGHORNS!
  10. I think it SUCKS big time and look at it as Patterson shooting the finger at the fans. Finally we are getting another big time game in Austin and he is trying to take it away from the fans. This everything just to make more money is getting real old real fast. It is time for them to start thinking about the fans that have supported them through the good and bad times and not just worry about the almighty dollar. This is just totally disgusting!
  11. That is a misprint on Mahomes. He was a SR this year and signed with Texas Tech. He is also a very good pitcher and will be drafted in the MLB draft. Depending on where drafted he might never make it to Tech. I don't think Texas even looked at him because they had Heard.
  12. Yep it is time for me to cancel my subscription. All they do is fight and breakdown. Sick of them!
  13. This is very sad to me. Josh is a great kid who had tons of potential we just needed him too much for him ever to have time to completely heal. Wish he could have red shirted his freshman year like he was suppose to and had time to get completely healthy. Thank you Josh for giving your all and for being a great representative of the University of Texas! Hook'em!
  14. I may just be one small person who doesn't post a lot but I am not going anywhere! Love this board! Let's have a great 2014.

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