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  1. I'm guessing Saban feels fairly secure in his current position.
  2. I thought the theory was that Houston didn't bring an additional TV market. All they do is split the revenue the Big 12 is already getting.
  3. I hadn't thought about him in a long time. Here's a private message he sent me once after I asked him to post in English. monarch Veteran Banned 2,395 posts LocationHouston / Beaumont TX Sent 18 September 2014 - 02:15 PM It's "many of my great pals from far away places" or maybe "in far away places". As per usual, your constant misunderstanding of how and where to use "upon" overshadows the points you are trying to convey and makes your posts unreadable. I hereby request that you start posting in English. please hurry and get your countryfied plano ass on over to your local SERVICE KING COLLISION REPAIR CENTER! you have just collided with the wrong HS member. it now seems as though, you are hereby experiencing a brain leak. additionally, before you take the initiative to start handing out ENGLISH LESSONS... please get your country ass out of plano, tx. you just may inspire some form of credibility....
  4. Good grief you're overly sensitive about this stuff. I'm not defending them at all. Sheesh.
  5. Don't want to make a big deal out of it because I respect the hell out of what you do on here. My reading comprehension was fine. You did make 4 or 5 posts this morning on pages 398/399 of this thread that make it seem like you thought it was possible Gary was on campus.
  6. And yet you were talking about it this morning as if it might be a possibility.
  7. You guys are in an NSD frenzy. IT reported yesterday that it was the super troll Juicy over at Shaggy that started the "Gary is in Austin" deal.. Some people may have embarrassed themselves making calls to confirm.
  8. IMHO there should be a prize for totally dominating the Sweet 16.
  9. Penders Jr lost in the final on a buzzer beater to Plano West 56-54.
  10. I'll have a hard time picking against Kentucky. They're loaded and this is the weakest field in some time. The midwest is a stroll for them. I hope I'm wrong because watching that 1 go in the loss column would be glorious. Can someone explain to me why 2 of the play-in games get a 16 seed and the other 2 are 11s?
  11. It's a new account with 32 tweets all within the last hour. What it is .... is a rip-off of ChuckF'nStrong Aggie is not original in this case, and no one... no one anywhere is going to top the humor of Chuck's tweets. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 I've had a bourbon or two but I think you may be wrong here. I don't think that's Aggy generated at all. Besides that, CFS is a rip off of Feux Pellini.
  12. Sittin' in my outdoor man cave. 2 fingers of Rock Hill Farms, Clapton on the Pandora. Catching up on a good day for the Horns. Love this thread. We get Mack and we will only need 20 or so a game. This d is gonna be salty.
  13. As much as that is a dick move by HR123, now that this is an entirely free board there is no way you will ever police that. If you don't want it all over other sites then you sure shouldn't post it here. I'm not saying SHA did anything wrong. Just that we shouldn't be surprised when info from here surfaces elsewhere.
  14. This is one of the best recruiting threads on any site. I wish people who don't have updates or aren't offering any info would stop cluttering it up. It'd be a hell of a lot easier to get through.
  15. I enjoyed your post Mike and your follow on other Mike! Good stuff.
  16. deleted. I was thinking about 1969. It was the last all white team.

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