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  1. Don't laugh too much, I got ownership of the LFZ domain AND we found LonghornBob. He's been to a tailgate or two in the past couple years. Incognito of course.
  2. Flexeril works pretty good too. My wife zonks on one, takes 2 for me if needed.
  3. Just FYI I'm on tapatalk mobile right now and can't find it in the crossfire forum.
  4. I believe he owns a restaurant on 11th Street with a local lawyer (Ricky Jones) who represents former players, such as Eric Metcalf. 11thStreetStation
  5. And as I said, maybe he does have an offer (silent) until he decommits?
  6. Maybe he has one but wants to do the right thing and de-commit from Tech first?
  7. Still have my tickets from that game hanging on the wall in the gameroom. Lost my voice before the game even started, came home sick as a dog, but can still feel the energy in the Rose Bowl from the time Vince took off til he ended up out of the side of the endzone. Cool footnote: my wife got a picture of the scoreboard showing USC as the Natl Champs before they corrected it. :-)
  8. At by other little board, we've had a spring game tailgate. We could do something similar here, Big Mike has a good spot for one as do I. Both a block from the stadium.
  9. Guess I need to meet DizzG. I'm a senior claims specialist for a commercial insurance company.
  10. Porter may have been the best of the bunch, but Strong has already closed the deal with Ed Freeman today, and we have 5 other WRs committed anyway. I don't see us being the Air Raid anyway, so if we recruit football players that want to play and play as a great team, instead of guys that only want to be the "One", I have no problem with Coach Strong doing it his way. X's and O's, and toughness are fine by me.
  11. He's taking a shot at Myles Garrett today. Sales pitch: "Hi Myles, would you like to come and be developed like I did with players at Alabama, and Coach Strong did with a Qb-turned-DE at Louisille? Or would you rather try your luck with A&M and Snyder's porous D?"
  12. Lotushorn still standing by his account that Watson in play for a Ravens' asst job. THat might explain why Watson not listed in the directory like the others.
  13. 247 just posted that Riley is/has not been a candidate. And Lotushorn still standing firm that Watson is in play to go to the Raven's as an assistant coach.

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