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  1. did you watch the SEC media days last year? coming off the tail end of the manning camp saga? he got grilled there. he did pretty well on the wunderlic.
  2. other than LSU, johnny's stats were pretty solid in every game we played. johnny couldnt help if his defense was atrocious. i think our record was better than 1-6 against ranked teams in 2012.
  3. cleveland's line isnt that terrible. and johnny's made a career out of making guys who are bigger/faster/stronger than him look silly. can he play the same game that he did in college in the pros? no. does he have the ability to adapt his game to be successful? i think so.
  4. bridgewater was...as was a guy named gerod holliman, another louisville recruit. bridgewater was a pretty highly recruited guy.
  5. agree there. i'm not familiar with oregon's baseball program, but it has to be better than the crapshow that childress has put out.
  6. i think oregon is going to make us sweat it out, but i still think that kyler will be an aggie...although my confidence level is as high as it was a month ago. oregon has now had two back up QBs transfer, so their depth chart is very inviting right now. A&M will have a true freshman and a true sophomore battling it out...and if kyle allen wins the starting gig, it's plausible that kyler might not get to start as QB for at least 3 years.
  7. this might come as a surprise to yall, but i think manziel is going to be fine. his marriage with the browns will be interesting to watch. pettine is a ground a pound kind of guy, and i think that will lengthen johnny's career. i do think it was a dumb move of them to limiting access to the rookie mini camp under the guise of trying not to distract johnny. if there's anyone used to a media circus, it's johnny...and cleveland had to expect for this to happen when they drafted him. as long as shanahan doesnt get him killed (which i dont think he will), i think manziel will have a decent career in cleveland.
  8. it was an incredible gaffe by schwertner. i doubt he was serious, but his ego is too large to back down from the statement after he was questioned about it. later, regent tony buzbee went on the record and said that kyle field's name would not be changed, and that the comment was in fact intended to be toungue in cheek. that being said, schwertner managed to both alienate a significant portion of the former players just because he couldnt keep his mouth shut.
  9. ha. i'd expect no less. good debate. thanks for bringing it up...i'm always looking for opportunities to talk football during the long lonely offseason.
  10. lots of smoke that garrapalo might be the guy for the texans.
  11. On my phone so you'll have to pardon my brevity 1) the 2011 team was talented but poorly coached. The strength of the sec is overblown yes, but the coaches were able to maximize talent in 2012 in a way that the 2011 coaches weren't (hence Sherman getting fired) 2) maybe you saw something different than I did. I don't see how duke can point to being gassed with that low of a TOP. also what's their offenses excuse for only scoring 10 in the second half? Were they gassed too? 3) so the depth chart can't change? Playing freshman in spots vs relying heavily on them throughout the season are two different things. We relied heavily on freshmen not only to start at different points in the season but to also serve as key back up roles. Not sure I get your argument here. 4) read up on football outsiders. Their stats are much more representative of how good teams are than total defense. Case in point. In 2012 A&M gave up 90 fewer yards to Bama than notre dame did. Yet notre dame was about 50 spots higher in the total defense rankings. Good stuff on the football outsiders site.
  12. i'm not sure that i get the "SEC not being up to its hype" piece of this. looking at the box score, A&M ran all of 43 plays in the first half, and was on the field for about 15 minutes. duke's defense was gassed by that? my facts are pretty straight. at any given point in the year the following true freshmen started a game (or saw significant playing time) walker (starter) golden (starter) arnold (contributor) mastrogiovanni (starter) claiborne (starter) sezer (starter) hall (starter) washington (contributor) you're probably right about this, but then again according to the S&P ratings put out by football outsiders (http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaadef2012), we were able to field a top 10 defense in 2012. I'd imagine that if snyder doesnt show significant improvement this year, he'll probably be let go. depends. are we talking the diaz from 2011/2012? because he fielded much better defenses in those years than what A&M put out there this year.
  13. the numbers disagree with you there. agree to disagree. i disagree here. to the defense's credit, they adjusted. they gave up 38 in the first half and 10 in the second. combine that with johnny having a darn good game, and i dont think we should have lost. that's not true. in fact the only redshirt frosh that saw any playing time on defense was tyrone taylor (and his PT was limited). the rest were all true freshmen. we'll see. agree that sumlin is an offensive coach, but there's no reason why he cant hire a DC to field a competent defense. yes i do. and the numbers agree with me.
  14. i think we'll agree to disagree on how bad the defense was. we were ranked 109 to end the year. contrast that with being 57 to end the 2012 season. i do agree about being gassed, but when you're running true freshmen out who have been in a college S&C program for less than 6 months, that might be bound to happen. as for big games, you have to get there to prove that you can with them. sumlin had two big games in 2012 that he won against bama and OU. the only team that has consistently out coached us the past two years has been LSU--specifically john chavis. he has won both of his matchups against kingsbury/mckinney. as for your last question, i think snyder would win the most games, and sumlin and mack would have fairly similar records.
  15. two thoughts: 1) defense was atrocious last year. mark snyder won me over in 2012 when he performed admirably with very little depth, but 2013 was a rough year for him and unless we see improvement, he's gone in 2014. that being said, after kirby ennis got hurt, we were rotating two true freshmen in at NG. in the chick fila bowl we had true freshmen starting at NG, DE, and MLB. that's not good. for all of the credit mike sherman gets for offensive recruiting (and he deserves a ton), he crapped the bed when it came to defensive recruiting. 2) we missed kliff kingsbury, and clarence mckinney was in over his head. we were in position to beat auburn...our defense actually got stops, but we couldnt go up two touchdowns before the half. clarence relied too much on johnny and not enough on our running backs. we only attempted to run the ball 6 times against LSU despite having three former four star recruits and one 5 star available to us. mckinney agreed to step down and go back to solely coaching RBs, and jake spavital will be our new OC in 2014. i feel confident that he'll make better use of our personnel.
  16. just saw a tweet saying that his agent announced that VY will be signing with the browns. great news. happy for the guy.
  17. manziel has to demonstrate that he can step into a pocket consistently, instead of drifting around it. if he can do that, or if he can be coached to do that, he'll be fine.
  18. A&M's OOC schedule has been terrible because of the move to the SEC. not enough time to get decent teams on the schedule. we've got arizona state in 2015, UCLA in 2016/2017, and oregon in 2018/2019 set up. there was a lot of talk about how sumlin and strong tried to get a game scheduled for 2013 (both had an open date) but couldnt get the logistics worked out.
  19. interesting thread. went back through and looked at who mack recruited: 2010: case mccoy, connor wood (both RSd) 2011: david ash (played as a true frosh) 2012: connor brewer (RSd) 2013: tyrone swoopes 2014: jerrod heard i dont think it's that mack didnt recruit the position well, like folks have said he just managed his roster poorly. by RSing mccoy and wood, and playing ash as a true freshman, he guaranteed that one of the two (mccoy or wood) would transfer elsewhere. same thing. by RSing brewer and then having him compete with a true freshman (and mccoy) to back up ash, mack pretty much guaranteed that brewer would transfer if he lost that battle (or risk sitting on the bench for three years). a better situation would have been to RS all QBs coming in, instead of picking and choosing.
  20. wittek by far. he was a 4 star/blue chip rivals 100 type player. offers from a lot of big time schools.
  21. totally agree. blue chip players sign with the intent of starting early. when they dont start early, they go and find a place that will give them the opportunity to start. that doesnt apply to joeckel, but it does apply to matt davis and jameill showers and likely to kenny hill (assuming that allen either starts or gets a bulk of the PT next year). it's not a recruiting problem. it's a retention problem.
  22. i will accept your compliment seems like we were god awful and got lucky with opportunistic turnovers. we'll have more depth than we had last year, but it's young unproven depth.

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