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  1. I think you're significantly overestimating the number of A&M athletes that take online classes.
  2. Absolutely agree that A&M should be at or near the top.
  3. So lodge doesn't have a shot at getting a degree? That seems presumptuous.
  4. agree. by all accounts thomas was a good guy. i'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that someone only a few years older than me is now gone.
  5. Was more in response to those who immediately came down on a&ms ooc scheduling on this thread.
  6. Not sure that Arkansas has has any more success in Texas then they had prior to us going to the sec.
  7. maybe this is defensive, but we had arkansas from 2009-2011 when we were still in the big 12. 12, 13, 14 we've had nothing. we'll get arizona state in 2015 and (i think) ucla in 2016/2017.
  8. i was kind of surprised when wyatt wasnt retained.
  9. And I very much agree that sumlin should have dismissed these two much sooner.
  10. Sorry. My post was not directed at you. Rather to RD. intent is to defend players choice.
  11. You wouldn't let your kid commit to sumlin and that's ok. I just find it odd that you're basically saying that parents who do let their kids commit to A&M have a low opinion of their own child.
  12. Well keke must have been "hard working" enough to get an offer from strong. Lanfear was committed to strong for a while so it would stand to reason that he was vetted. That's just two off the top of my head.
  13. Seems like an unfair characterization of the players we are getting. But if that is the case then how were some of these players able to earn an offer from charlie strong?
  14. i can kind of see where they are coming from. austin was only second to birmingham for ratings when A&M played alabama in 2013. according to the chronicle more austinites watched the A&M/duke bowl game than in any other city in texas.
  15. We haven't heard anything on stansbury. There's no news out there on my end. If something like what mcphaul is saying is actually going on I'm kind of surprised that I haven't heard even the slightest bit of smoke on our end. And RD you're right. The new de won't redshirt but he's not the kind of player you pick up for immediate impact in the event that stansbury was to be inelgible. He's a project that I think we took because of the weak class of HS DEs in 2014.
  16. All due respect but this kinda doesn't make sense Stansbury is a senior this year. The DE we got won't contribute this year and will likely RS. He won't contribute until stansbury is gone.
  17. Horns offered deandre Neal. Neal is teammates with Malik Jefferson and he's expressed that he and Malik would like to play together in college
  18. Looks like Kemah siverand might pull the trigger tomorrow too
  19. Meh i think you underestimate the amount of scrutiny he got whole at A&M. I think he's about as prepared as a 21 year old can be to enter into the NFL as far as dealing with the challenges of celebrity go. Time will certainly tell, but I think hell be fine.

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