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  1. Strong is at 3.7. I don't think jurich would bat an eye at getting him up to 5 after this season. Briles is at 4.5 or so. I think the minimum asking price to get those guys interested would have to be at least 6.5
  2. Agree that either saban is coming or he's not. I don't know that I buy the smokescreen thing.
  3. As stated above I'm pretty sure saban has never had a buyout in his contract.
  4. if he's expecting it, then be courteous, polite and just flat out ask him for his blessings. no worries man. if he's expecting it then he likes you. you cant screw that up.
  5. do you have a pretty good relationship with him to start? is he going to be expecting this conversation to be coming?
  6. it's been common knowledge that this would be johnny's last year at A&M since before the season started. i dont think evans is 100% gone yet.
  7. A guy like Greg roman would be interested and would be a very good (but slightly risky) hire
  8. to be fair, many of the recruits he's visiting have done interviews stating that they got the impression that saban was committed to being at alabama. so while he might not be answering the larger question publicly, it is coming up in conversation.
  9. this has been my take since this entire thing started. texas reached out to sexton a while ago and was told "if you do this, then saban will be your next head coach" texas did "this" and told sexton about it. sexton replied with "well this is promising...but until its an official offer we cant do anything about it. once it becomes official, the wheels will turn" it cant become official until mack is gone when mack leaves, the "wheels turning" will be sexton taking the official horn offer to bama and saying "this is what texas is offering. what are you offering" bama will make a counteroffer. saban will then have two offers on his desk and make a decision about which one he wants. texas is confident because they agreed to all terms sexton dictated. bama is confident because they 1) dont think saban wants to leave and 2) think they can also match sexton's terms bottom line comes down to what saban wants to do.
  10. i agree. i'm even more shocked that the bama sites (specifically 247) are still 100% on board with the notion that saban is not, and will not be leaving. seems like there would be some middle ground between all sites.
  11. if, in fact, mack is not happy with the possibility of nick saban replacing him, then it is in mack's best interest to create as much chaos on his way out as possible. the chaos creates issues that the AD has to handle, which could result in a delay in any happenings with saban. delays arent good.

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