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  1. right now we have three safeties and two corners. one of the safeties (justin dunning) very well might spin down to LB. we need one more out of hill/sheffield/boyd. if we end up with elam and sheffield i'm content. i think we'd take two out of those three if it worked out that way.
  2. official UT press release very very savvy move by the DDCE. VY moving to a academic unit means that the division will be able to make connections with athletic donors who in turn might be interested in financially supporting the initiatives VY is stumping for. very smart move by UT to not just bring him in an athletic capacity. i've met dr. vincent, and i'm not surprised that he thought this up. he struck me as an incredibly sharp guy.
  3. good thread. i've done chickens before, but i did my first brisket on the big green egg a couple of weeks ago. turned out great. wish i had more smoke on it, and the rub was a bit salty, but i was pretty pleased with my first effort. this weekend is ribs.
  4. agree with your point about the SEC myth, but to be fair, based on that poll, A&M plays #s 2, 5, 9, 13, and 19.
  5. you're right about that JB, and i can tell you that i'm not at all comfortable with the arrests that we've had. i do remember casting stones in the late 00s when mack had something like 7 players suspended or so in a couple month span.
  6. thanks. i appreciate your ability to separate out sports related rivalries with personal ones. you know, the corps is about 2k out of a 50k campus. I think they (as a whole) serve as a representative symbol of the campus, but i dont think that 2k can really speak for 50k (at least in my opinion). Additionally, from a bigger picture perspective, i think every fanbase has it's fair share of assholes, and like you said those assholes tend to be louder and prouder than the rest of us normal folks. A&M is no different in that regards i find the rhetoric and vitriol towards sumlin amusing because it absolutely mirrors all of the stuff that we said about mack when he came on board. I dont know that he is a bad leader...and truthfully (maybe this is naive on my part), I'm willing to take him at his word about developing players. case in point, I've met claiborne and golden. Hell, I once saw them in walmart when I was with one of my kids and both were very respectful. Golden even went as far as to give my son a high five. I cant imagine being in position to make decisions that directly relate to these kids futures. I'm sure it's an incredibly complex process, therefore I'm not really willing to judge sumlin for what he has and hasnt done because I dont know what I would do in that position. As for the raise and extension, it's a common thing. Dodds gave mack a raise and extension after the 8-4 2010 campaign. So anyways, back to your point. I dont think it's all doom and gloom as you're making it out to be, but I can certainly understand your perspective. Agree to disagree.
  7. Pat wasnt the best member of the '16 class. Greg Little, OT from allen, is a 5 star and is currently ranked the #6 player in the country.
  8. meant to make that clear, sorry about that. so it was two different groups reporting the same news.
  9. i think chip brown and the staff at orangebloods were the ones breaking the news. i found it odd that josh turner had no idea what was going on until someone at OB called him.

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