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  • Birthday 10/14/1982


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    My name is Chris or CB as im known & I am a Texas Longhorns Fan! you can find me on twitter @chrisgb00
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    Texas Longhorns
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  1. This morning I heard Chip Brown talk about a list of something like 15 players that had been red flagged (my term) that could be on shaky ground as far as being on the team! Moss & Scott I'm guessing were on that list & Chip brought up Daje Johnson! Who else do you think could be on this "list"?
  2. Interesting story! At the end of it perriloux's high school coach & perriloux say he should've of went to texas!
  3. Whats up Sean! Always dropping the great knowledge! #TheAdamsTheory
  4. RT @LoJoe12: TCU offer!! #GoFrogs #Blessed
  5. A shipley cousin committed to lsu last night!
  6. Reports are Bedford will be the DC & the DBs coach! The akina era is over!
  7. I've been following horn Sports & some of the guys on twitter for awhile & I decided to join earlier this season! Its a great site!
  8. Horn Sports is great! I'm glad I joined! Here's to bigger & better things in 2014!
  9. My name is Chris or as most people call me CB! I moved to Austin from California in the summer of 91! Not a texas alum but a huge fan! Texas is my favorite team! Hook em! Follow me on twitter @chrisgb00
  10. On Sunday & into Monday leading up to texas gameday LHN will be showing past bowl games all day!
  11. If the yahoo story is true bill Powers should've had the balls to tell mack himself he was going to be fired instead he sends newly hired steve Patterson to do his dirty work! That's a bitch move!
  12. Daje's texas days maybe over because of the grades! Hope not but its looking that way!

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