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  1. I agree. Last night's game was very bad. IMO the overriding issue with this team is the lack of a true point guard or someone that understands how to distribute the basketball within the offensive framework. College basketball is a PG dominated game and the best teams have that PG or individual that can distribute the ball and run the offense. This might be the hardest and most demanding position on the court and you can't ask players who have never been that true PG learn on the fly at this level. The lack of a PG on this year's team is on Smart for not recruiting one and this team will continue to struggle all year unless someone miraculously steps up to take that role. That being said, I do believe Smart was a good hire and will have a PG or two in next years class, so I think we will have to be a little patient with this process.
  2. Given Charlie is still at the team dinner I wouldn't expect anything else. Perrin has too much respect for Charlie. I suspect an official announcement will come tomorrow before Charlies Monday press availability.
  3. Do we know if Charlie and the coaches were there and was Perrin there?
  4. I would agree that it will definitely but him behind the eight ball. But what if he starts SB and they lose by 14? Is Charlie in a no-win situation at this point?
  5. No, but his wife was seen driving around Austin with a realtor looking for one.
  6. Okay, I'll play along. How do you define excellence in a football program.
  7. Good stuff cheese. Given the weather conditions I'm perfectly happy with the W and can't complain too much about mistakes.

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