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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in ***Big 12 Baseball Tournament Thread***   
    It was inside, prob 6" off the plate, and at the letters.
    Bad calls from B12 umpires, water is wet. 
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from Bear19 in ***Texas vs Abilene Christian Baseball Weekend Thread***   
    And remember any aggy that might be lurking this is the same ACU team that beat you at Olsen 😂
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in ***Texas vs Abilene Christian Baseball Weekend Thread***   
    And remember any aggy that might be lurking this is the same ACU team that beat you at Olsen 😂
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in ***Texas @ Kansas Baseball-Weekend Thread***   
    Always Win on Saturday??? 
  5. Thanks
    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in ***Texas @ Kansas Baseball-Weekend Thread***   
    Great work as always sir. Now get the broom out
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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in Some sad news tonight   
    Thanks everyone for the kind words about Jim. He was one of a kind. 
    I have talked to Aaron and wanted to share a fundraiser that we are doing on behalf of Jim. After speaking with UTDave and the family, we are trying to raise enough money to start a UT Athletics Scholarship in Jim’s name. As of this morning, we are over $5,000. The funds are being collected by Rob at the OB Benevolent Fund. Once we hit our goal of $25,000, this will be presented to the Longhorn Foundation for the creation of the scholarship. 
    Here is the information:
    We are still reeling on the news of our brother @JimsTexas passing away. I am so fortunate to have met Jim on a few occasions and visit with one of the most humble and genuine people I have ever met. A lot of folks who never knew Jim would correct him on his spelling and try to make him more like us. Everyone I have spoken with who knew the man wanted to be more like him, myself included. We love you Jim and pray Godspeed as we look at the burnt orange sunsets and take your relentless advice to keep our "horns raised high" my friend.

    We are setting up a Jim Stacey Memorial Athletic Scholarship to honor Jim. @joeywa & @UTDave have spoken with the family and this is what they prefer we do to honor Jim's legacy. They are also orchestrating the connections to the University to connect all the dots. We are establishing an account to specifically manage this effort, We have a $25,000.00 min goal to achieve. Lets do this.

    Ways to donate;

    Venmo @OCBF1

    PayPal rob.orangebloods@gmail.com

    Mail Checks
    PO Box 535
    Bellville, TX 77418
    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me. We realize that this has been a rough year for many, so if you are able to give a little, that’s awesome.  

    Hook ‘Em and have a safe & healthy holiday season. 🤘🏼
  7. Sad
    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in Some sad news tonight   
    I know some of us here are/have been posters on other sites over the years.  One of our close friends, @JimsTexas, passed away this morning, peacefully in his sleep.  His son called me tonight with the news. 
    Jim had some health issues, but still was able to go out and fish and faithfully followed the Longhorns, never wavering in his support regardless of recruiting classes, coaches or W/L record.  I've personally known him for years and spoke with him on Monday night.  I'm happy to call him a friend, spelling mistakes and all.  If you're the praying type, please keep his wife, son and grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this.
    If you don't recall his posts, he generally ended them with this:
    It isn't always pretty but this is called old man writing so don't be to critical of my spelling and sentence structuring. For you fisherman might your fishing line always be tight.
    Now a little wisdom please remember this "Keep our Lord in your Hart and always have a blessed week don't take yourself so seriously no one else does enjoy your life. Have a Jack and Coke once and a while " Keep your Horns Raised high and proud
    RIP Jim.

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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in *****UTEP at #14 TEXAS GAME THREAD*****   
    I wouldn’t give too much stock into how/when/who stayed for The Eyes. 
    Personally, I’d let it go. The school didn’t stop playing the song, so what if some of the players opted to head to the locker room. 
    That said, I don’t believe you’ll see that in Baseball. 
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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in View from the Cheap Seats-Mad Minors of UTEP   
    Nice recap Cheese. The BJ Foster situation will be interesting to follow over the course of the ‘bye’ week. 
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    Johnstark23 reacted to echeese in View from the Cheap Seats-Mad Minors of UTEP   
    View from the Cheap Seats-Mad Miners of UTEP
    Could not have scripted it better.
    In a year where we have been deprived of sports, spring football etc,  the 2020 college football season is finally here and with it a degree, of a return to normalcy.    Coach Tom clearly has done a good job getting the team ready for the opener and TEXAS dominated an outmatched UTEP team of mad minors (miners?) from start to finish.   On a day when the BigXII teams SERIOUSLY stubbed their toes, TEXAS, OU and WVU represented well against each’s respective tomato cans.   ISU Kansas and KSU all were all beaten, a couple soundly, while TT eeked out a victory of Houston Baptist.(insert WHO? Gif here)     No offense but we didn’t realize HB had a team.    But props to them for playing great.   Tuna (HoF coach Bill Parcells) had an expression. . .”don’t eat the cheese”.    ISU CLEARLY ate the cheese, they were not just beaten but soundly beaten by the ragin' cajuns.   CTH has moved to 2-2 in TEXAS openers, hopefully the days of Maryland like performances are gone. We could be here all day listing positives in what amounted to a controlled scrimmage and we will try to focus on the positive.   It was a record setting night before a crowd that an average spring game would put to shame.
    Let us start with the negatives and this will not take long.   Since we have not read any other evals or notes on the game (so we remain completely unbiased), we can only hope the biggest negatives are not that big a deal which were injuries to Defensive Player of the Game Josh Thompson and wunderkind recruit Whittington.    And for as well as Tarik Black played, disaster was averted when Cade Brewer stole a ball at the bottom of the pile after Black fumbled fighting for more yardage.   We LOVE Black’s fight but TUCK THE BALL SON.      Only other negative from our view was Dicker The Kicker missing his 1st FG attempt of 2020.  
    Sorry, one more negative.   Andre Ware might be the worst announcer in football.  Good lord his voice is the Michael Franks (jazz singer who makes elevator music sound exciting) of color men.   Soft, bland, no inflections.    So enough with the negatives, let’s get to the really good stuff.
    One cannot ask for a better start to a season than scoring off the 1st play.   A 76 yard slant to Joshua Moore back from having to sit out a year due to a violation of team rules.    With Jake Smith sitting out due to a hamstring concern (100% the right call), someone needed to step up.    Many questioned the wisdom of adding not one but 2 transfers at WR to what maybe the most talented room on the team.    Tarik Black wearing number Zero (loved it) has brought leadership, direction and more than a bit of talent.  He would finish the night our #2 WR behind Mr Moore’s TEXAS debut of 127 yards.  Brende Schooler a former Oregon transfer to Arizona (to play with his brother) only to have the PAC cancel football so then to TEXAS only 2 weeks ago, finished as the #3 WR and showed some nice moves leading to his 40 yard TD.   In all 7 different pass catchers would long 1 TD each from 2 different QBs.  
    This is how you kick off a Heisman season.   Sam the Man kicked off his senior season with the finest football of a half of any QB in TEXAS history.  24 of 32, 429 yards and 6 TDs to 6 different pass catchers.  Those were his 1st HALF NUMBERS.   1st half!!!!    We fear this will be a bit of a broken record this year and that’s fine.   Casey Thompson came on in relief after 1 series in the 3rd for Sam and was very efficient.  4-7 for 55 yards and 2 TDs.   And he had one drop.
    We would be remiss if we did not mention the running back by committee room.  As the season wears on, we expect to see the Horns run the ball more.   All of the backs looked good.   There were 2 plays where Bjion showed how elusive he is and why there is so much hype.   He caught a swing pass and made a defender completely miss.  It seemed effortless.  Then on a running play, he changed direction again, effortlessly and gained another 5 yards.    No RB had 10 carries but the RB by committee looked good.
    The best “human interest” story of the night was put on by walk on Kai “Show me the. . “ Money, a dual threat QB out of Brownsville.    He would close out Sam’s 1st half with a very nice reception for a 1st down then follow it up with a TD catch, his 1st at TEXAS.    Though he was not alone, Tarik Black, Joshue Moore, Brende Schooler and Marc Washington would also log their 1st TD grabs while back up Casey Thompson threw for his 1st two TDs at TEXAS.
    Not to be outdone, we should not lose sight of the performance of the D.   Under Chris Ash’s new defensive scheme, TEXAS would hold UTEP to 233 total yards, 3.2 per play and only 3 points.   And true freshman Alfred Collins would record TEXAS’ 1st sack of the season, in a minor quibble, not till the 4th quarter.  He did so blowing up a double team, this young man will be a PLAYA for us, he’s good.   And one change we noticed from last year, the TEXAS D actually tackling.  It is a welcome change
    Josh Thompson was having a spectacular night and added the lone turnover of the game, an INT to snuff out a potential UTEP drive.   He would head to the locker room with an injury, we only hope he’s OK.
    We can combine our praise of the new COs into one paragraph, the new schemes looked great.  Again, tempering our excitement.   But players seem to be in positions to make plays and on defense, what a pleasure it was to only see 2-3 missed tackles instead of a dozen.   TEXAS played fundamentally very sound which is impressive given the off season restrictions.    We welcome our new CO's to the 40.
    Offensive player of the game:
    Duh, Sam the man.    Suspect he wins 10 of these out of 12 games (BigXII title and playoff/bowl)
    Honorable mention:  Joshua Moore, way to start your TEXAS career, 76 yard slant for a TD on our 1st play of the season
    Defensive player of the game
    Josh Thompson, INT pass break up, generally all over the field till he left with injury
    HM:  Joseph Ossai, lead team in tackles and half a TFL
    Stats that matter
    7            7 different pass catchers caught 7 TD passes
    7-8         8 1st half drives lead to 6 TDs a FG and a missed FG
    6            In a great sight to see, Sam was only #6 in total rushing for TEXAS, we like him not getting beat up
    8            Ash’s D held UTEP to 8 drives (12 total) of 5 plays or less.
    Outside of 2 injuries, game could not have gone better if it were scripted.   Before anyone gets too excited, it was a controlled scrimmage for all practical purposes against a tomato can.  But you can only play who’s on the schedule and it could not have gone better.    Sam off to a Heisman worthy season with a record 1st half and Casey Thompson showed 2 things, not yet Mr Card and if Sam gets hurt, we have a solid back up in 2020.   It was good to see TEXAS allow him to run the offense, suspect it pays dividends down the road.    TEXAS now has a week off before it faces Texas Tech.  
    No one seemed to care about the eyes, but there were not many fans so end of the day, one of the great traditions in college football is gone.   At least till next year.   We suspect that next year, the players and fans miss it and it returns.    Already beyond sick of ESPN trying to jam this SJW shit down our throats.    Call me when someone starts backing solutions and ways to make ALL AMERICAN LIVES BETTER.   Otherwise STFU
    Ranking the BigXII
    Tier I
    TEXAS, we know Sam can produce in a big game.
    OU   beat up their Football Championship (FCS) tomato can
    Tier II
    WVU    Beat up their tomato can
    OSU       No game
    Tier III
    TCU     Both in the same boat, didn’t play anyone so they couldn’t get embarrassed.
    Tier IV   
    TT   eecked out a win over Houston Baptist?????   Well they won which is more than we can say for . ..
    ISU   caught eating the cheese, early favorite for most over rated in the conference
    KSU    you lost to Arkansas State
    Kansas   Coastal Carolina, seriously???? By 2 touchdowns no less
    Fighting Mack Brown’s
    Nice win over Syracuse.
    Way too early playoff projections
    #1 Clemson
    #2  Bama
    #3  Georgia 
    #4  TEXAS
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    Johnstark23 reacted to PTA in Women’s Hoops to find new coach   
    CDC don't play!
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    Johnstark23 reacted to drgilbert in Women’s Hoops to find new coach   
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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Many NCAA schools are doing the same. Conference hoops tourneys will be sparsely attended, if the conference even decides to host them at all. 
    Also UT has announced a 2-week spring break for students. 
    Bourbon stockpile: check
    One-wipe Charlie’s stash-check
    Briskets/Robs/Pork Shoulders in freezer-check
    Wood for smoking-check
    Ranch Style Beans-check
    I’m set. 
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    Johnstark23 reacted to Aaron Carrara in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    I’m not typically one who panics, but I’m starting to think an adequate stockpile of food, booze and shotgun shells might not be a bad idea.
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in ***⚾️ Texas vs. Cal State Fullerton Weekend Thread***   
    Always have believed Sunday’s are for sweeping. Even if I’m not a huge fan of the #WinStripe unis 
  16. Haha
    Johnstark23 got a reaction from MikeV73 in ***⚾️ Texas vs. Cal State Fullerton Weekend Thread***   
    Very much so hope I get to see it 50 more times. 🤣
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in ***⚾️ Texas vs. Cal State Fullerton Weekend Thread***   
    Always Win on Sunday
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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in ***⚾️ Texas vs. Cal State Fullerton Weekend Thread***   
    Duplantier comes in and shuts down CSF
    Horns win 4-3
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in *****⚾️ Shriner's College Classic - Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****   
    The worst worked big time tournament I’ve ever seen. Umpiring sucks at the collegiate level but that tournament should have great umpires. It did not. 
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    Johnstark23 reacted to Sirhornsalot in *****⚾️ Shriner's College Classic - Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****   
    Hoping for a 20-0 shutout of the Hogs.
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in *****⚾️ Shriner's College Classic - Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****   
    I am reassigning some recruiting areas by county so I’m in for the long haul tonight hanging on your every word @joeywa
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    Johnstark23 reacted to joeywa in *****⚾️ Shriner's College Classic - Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****   
    Going to be a late night in Houston.  Which of you Seamheads are with me tonight?
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from MikeV73 in ***⚾️ Texas vs. Sam Houston State Game Thread***   
    This Sam team will be a tournament team in May. Good win. 
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    Johnstark23 got a reaction from joeywa in ***⚾️ Texas vs. Sam Houston State Game Thread***   
    This Sam team will be a tournament team in May. Good win. 
  25. Haha
    Johnstark23 reacted to TB14 in Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.   
    Now seeing I saw a fake account.... 
    Carry on... 
    Sorry for being an idiot. Lol

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