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  1. What if I told you the basketball recruiting commitment train might not be over just yet. In state guard looking at pulling the trigger 2015 class. Waiting for more info
  2. Not what Im hearing, but it is basketball recruiting. Anything can happen. But ive heard from numerous people that OK State was a distant 3rd. And have been for a while.
  3. Sorry been MIA over the past few weeks. Been going thru a lot of personal stuff... But now I'm back and ready to go. Let me drop this nugget on Myles Turner... Despite rescheduling a visit to OK ST in Feb. Talked to someone with direct contact with Turner, this is what he told me. " He is loving him some Texas right now. All he talks about is the young guys and how they are improving. Wears Texas gear to practice all the time." I asked him what he thought about OK State and Kansas... Ok State he feels like is running a distant third. Kansas has been pushing a lot of playing time and centerpiece of the team. You ask me now Myles Turner will be a Horn. Still have a few more weeks on this one, but we should get news in a few weeks. Kansas in the picture hard and heavy, never count them out ala Julius RANDLE.
  4. Ok dizz. I'll remember these words when we are a mid tier offense in the big 12. You think recruits know the current group of guys we have. We lost Lo joe with these hires and porter. Hermann is hard on heard to visit next weekend. Better hope he dosent. If he does he will be gone. I know he loves Texas but watch out
  5. Why there are still BMD that didn't like the Strong hire. They knew Strong was very hard headed and not open to change. Enjoy this offensive staff we have. It's sub par. Wickline is a guy a Dallas area BMD had to offer to pay the buyout just to get him. This will be a grind it out play good D team. Which in theory sounds good. But don't expect top 10 offensive guys to look this way... Unless by chance Heard can be VY like
  6. They are decommiting because Strong isn't the splash hire to save a recruiting class. Got to produce on the field
  7. From what I understand Suddes is a guy that a lot of people love. I would think the AD dept would advise strong to keep him. He is a stud.
  8. Talked to someone about Harvey, who said if Strong wants Nick, he is there to be had. Going into a little more detail Nick has been wanting a reason to leave AM. If Texas gets in on him, I think they will land him
  9. Fisher never turned us down cause we didn't offer. No offer ever went out despite Sexton telling us Fisher was highly interested. We will have to disagree on Briles. Briles would have killed it in recruiting and on the offense. He would have also been forces to bring in Pruitt or Narduzzi. Period. Strong dosent know the state and dosent have the personality to make a immediate impact. Briles + Narduzzi would have killed it and Texas would have been a 10-11 win team next year. Now were looking at 8-4 maybe maybe 9-3
  10. Dizz - no offense but the reason Patterson was hired was because of these BMD. Who he is now ignoring. How would you feel if you were a BMD?
  11. Oh he did tell us he would be open to bringing in the best of the best. But now the rumors are he is bringing his whole staff with him. Yikes
  12. Be prepared for a spread offense that can't move the ball at times. Hell look at bridgewater this year. He struggled at times. And he's a first rd. The offense is very erratic and tends to be very frustrating. Per my uncle who is a die hard Louisville fan.
  13. First off I want to apologize for not being around last night... I had a personal matter to take care of... Tied me down from about 7-12. I know a certain BMD is not happy about the strong hire at all. Chances are he will most likely pull his donations. Mad is not even the right word he is livid. Strong is not the right hire, it's a rushed hire by Patterson cause he was feeling the heat and nervousness that he might missed on Fisher and Saban. I love what Nuuf posted on Obloods basically confirming what we were reporting for weeks. Yet got laughed at. Texas was still on Saban up until like NYE. Then things got quiet. All the BMD besides Jamail wanted Saban. Patterson got nervous, which he shouldn't have. You have to stay strong. Worst case he could have gotten Gruden. Patterson got supported by the bug guys to get Saban or a big name. Then he settles for Strong and his whole sub-par staff. There are a lot of unhappy people right now. How dare Bellmont leak the strong info when it wasn't finalized. Strong will most likely end up as coach. But the stuff in the background is as unsettled as ever. People are not happy with Patterson. Thanks everyone for being a part of Hornsports and realizing we post what we here when we here it.

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