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  1. Dizz you are a weird dude. Maybe Higdon is full of crap or completely whiffed. I'll take OB's reporting over that Higdon clown. Strong just made and underwhelming hire. Time to accept this is the best it gets.
  2. His 4 sources being IT, OB, 247 and HS. Guy is a fraud.
  3. Well I hope lotus horn is right because Watson will be a disappointing hire.
  4. Sounds like it's tshirtfan12 who has the unhealthy obsession.
  5. He read the thread on OB about the Chatsports article. He commented in that thread before posting on IT. Don't think he knows anything other than just throwing an opinion.
  6. I'm really getting tired of this crap. OB has been right quite a bit and in fact were the first to report we interviewed Strong and Franklin which got ridiculed on this board at the time. I'm pretty sure every other site, including this one btw, has been wrong at times in it's reporting of the coaching search. Might have something to do with the fact that many candidates are involved and something might change during the interview process.
  7. It's from yesterday morning. I know because that's when I first read it. They also reported we were offering John Harbaugh last Tuesday. So their credibility is worse than @beingreal.
  8. Thanks cujo. I was pretty critical of people stating on OB last night that BMDs were all pissed because SP did exactly what he was hired to do. Glad to hear that's not the case.
  9. It's going to be Mora Jr or Strong and I thought that before I read the War Room.
  10. Someone on OB clarified BB wasn't taking the text seriously. So either he was posting it for laughs or he thinks there is something to it. I don't know BB well but it seems against his nature to post stuff that he thinks is completely false. I thought he was a pretty guarded with that stuff but who knows.
  11. How do you know this? Did you get it from Major directly?
  12. I think JimR stated it best. Nothing else to add for me.
  13. Under no circumstance do I take Briles over Fisher if he wants the job. If we do in fact pass on Fisher because we don't want to wait until he's done with his game we are making a big mistake. Hope Burton and Chip are wrong on this.
  14. Any chance you can contact any of your sources to check if this rumor is true?
  15. Don't really care although I usually root for Big 10 failure. I just want a great game.
  16. Keep up the comedy guys. It's entertaining at the least.
  17. Or it could mean Strong is the guy and Burton, who's been wrong a lot lately, is the Bellmont mouthpiece trying to cover up their interest in Strong. In any case, I've thought for the last two weeks Strong will be the hire and it's looking like it's going that way. Hope I'm wrong but doubt it.
  18. Thanks McPhaul. Interesting stuff. If the Jan 4 or 5 thing is true that doesn't eliminate Saban. His game is on the 2nd and it's been claimed he may not make the decision until Friday, the 3rd, at the earliest. So Saturday or even Sunday to bring him into Bellmont is not out of the question. No reason it has to become public until the weekend.
  19. Don't interrupt Dizz desperately searching for confirmation of the Saban pipe dream. Anything other than Saban doesn't compute for him so he needs every little data point get even hints it's still possible. I'm enjoying the DizzG show as you should also.
  20. You guys are funny. You won't believe this report but you lap up any report of Harbaugh, Saban and any other fantasyland candidate. Maybe we really are settling for one of these lesser candidates. I know it's shocking but may just be the reality.
  21. Don't know their credibility but I really hope it's true for our side. I think he'd be a damn good hire.
  22. Dimitri also claimed Saban was playing golf at Barton Creek Country Club just hours before he signed his extension so he's not a reliable source. In fact, I don't think he knows anything.
  23. Ugh. I've always suspected it would be Strong. Starting to look like there's a lot of smoke blowing his way. Not surprised about Fisher staying at FSU.

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