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  1. I think the only guy who could've saved last year's recruiting class was Saban. Combined with how Strong seemed to all but quit recruiting altogether and three straight losing seasons, there was no way we were going to put together a decent class without a miracle or a magician.
  2. So you guys are telling me I actually have to do something to lose weight? Man, I was hoping I could just cut back on the candy. Seriously though, I know diet makes a big difference...but which works best to lose the gut: running or sit-ups/push-ups.
  3. If none of the other guys claim that quote, I will!
  4. You know, I think I can get used to this new style of recruiting (winning battles).
  5. I know this is off-topic, but now that we have officially hit the summer sports lull, I thought it would be ok to ask... So I just got back from Disney with the family and thanks to the meal plan I feel like I gained a good 10 or 15 lbs. Does anyone on here have some good ideas of how to lose that weight?
  6. Great season. I didn't expect much and we were a couple of runs from the supers. Another quick stat I heard from Craig Way was that we lost 17 one-run games. A few runs the other way and we are much improved. Thanks Joeywa and the rest of you guys for keeping us updated on the games.
  7. Good to see us finally get some recruiting success! (Note: Heavy sarcasm)
  8. Either of those guys (Allen or Barrett) would be welcome. But I'll believe it with Barrett when I see it. Regardless, this is a very good time for recruiting so not much would surprise me.
  9. Great news! We really need as many warm bodies at TE that we can get!
  10. Shaka is coming up big here when he really needs it. Good for him and for us. Hopefully last year was an anomaly.
  11. Thanks, joeywa. Any type of playoff baseball is good baseball. Now if we can just get a 2 seed we'll be doing pretty good.
  12. Great stuff. I'm really hoping we move up with the two TEs in this class and get in with the 2019 TE. That's a big position of need.
  13. I understand your point as well. Heck, I was just talking with my dad today about how I believe Herman has what it takes and will eventually be right up there with the Meyers and Sabans of college football. But I just don't think he's there or even close to that with only 2 years of HC experience. One thing that is sure is that he has the opportunity now to prove that he belongs in that discussion.
  14. Hey, the Cowboys can use anyone with a pulse at defensive back. Duke isn't a bad option, either!
  15. Every other team passed on him as well. Can't make that argument with 2nd round picks. That said, it was obviously one of the many bad moves he made before deciding to go the route of building your team around the big uglies.
  16. Yes. Strong beat OU, Baylor, and Notre Dame, all ranked top 10 over his few years, but that didn't make him a top 25 coach. Texas also played a superior schedule to Houston. I'm not saying that Herman is worse or better than Strong. I'm just saying that unless he coaches for a team playing a consistently strong schedule over a few years, it's hard to gauge where he belongs on a list of top coaches. Again, the lists are arbitrary.
  17. Yeah, maybe his ranking is low, but those rankings don't mean jack. I'd imagine Charlie Strong would've been ranked higher when he stepped in 3 years ago and we all know how that experiment worked out. Give him a year or two as the head football coach at a major university before really determining where he stands on that list.
  18. Thanks for all of the articles, Prime! If you have time, can you copy and paste some of the interesting info from the articles so we don't have to click?
  19. Back to expansion... I'm all for Texas joining the ACC. It'd be much closer for me being in East TN (I'm a never-SEC'er).
  20. Good stuff guys. Nice to see the coaching staff continuing to build relationships with guys who have previously written us off.
  21. Thanks for keeping me updated! More violin on a Sunday is keeping me from watching.

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