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  • Birthday 08/18/1967


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    Crockett High School and UT alum, and as name suggests the father of 5 wonderful children
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    Cheyenne, Wyoming
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    Baseball, fly fishing, and just about any outdoor sport
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  1. That is so freaking disturbing I feel traumatized!
  2. Action flicks: Terminator 2, Casino Royale, Die Hard, Top Gun Comedies: Airplane, Trading Places, Groundhog Day, The Jerk, and Muppets in Space (sorry..I love the Muppets)
  3. - Great movie with a leading lady that was smoking hot ( yes ) - Agree-so much so that I started to pass on my love for that movie to my son, but had to stop a few minutes in. My love for that movie had overridden my recall of just how inappropriate for a young one it is. - respectfully disagree. Have always found Glenn Close remarkably average in appearance and in my day Robert Redford was biggest male sex symbol. He deserved better. - loved story line of aging minor leaguer trying to hold on vs unappreciative insane young talent. Just hated all the crap with Sarandon.
  4. Crazy hires last few days. Petrino to Louisville and Kiffin at Alabama is nuts. Schools aren't even pretending any longer they care about anything other than winning.
  5. For Love of The Game Major League The Natural and Bull Durham are great movies, but completely average leading ladies (Close and Sarandon) really hurt those two for me.
  6. The SEC was (and still is) no better than most other conferences year in year out. They have been given grossly preferential treatment by the BCS and media pundits that has virtually guaranteed them a spot in a title game ever since the BCS era began. Read this a while ago, but it's a great write up on the myth of SEC superiority. http://m.thepostgame.com/commentary/201208/better-without-em-northern-manifesto-southern-secession-chuck-thompson-sec-bcs
  7. If he recruits well, avoids scandal, handles the OU rivalry appropriately (it is NOT just another game), and wins conference championships then he will be forgiven any deficits in his backslapping skills.
  8. I am going to assume I am not the first to recognize that Manzana Blanca means Applewhite in Spanish. Any significance there? Seems too obvious . Just a big fan of Majors so he took that username?
  9. Few people can wreak havoc on my inner peace like that knuckle dragger.
  10. Good post. Well thought out, rational, and interesting enough I read all of it. Still not sold on Strong or Mora, but I am not all that excited about anyone whose last name isn't Saban, Harbaugh, or Briles.
  11. On my third career and sorely wish I had found it in my youth. Served in the Navy as a nuclear plant mechanic on fast attack submarine, then got masters in statistics and did data analysis, and now am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner helping kids get better and stay on track developmentally. I absolutely love it. Of course all that has been to pay bills, my real passion in life has been my 5 (surprise) kids.
  12. They were digging deep to find some of those....Smart, Kubiak, Spurrier, Robinson, Schiano, Kiffin, Orgeron? My final four would be 1. Saban vs. 4. Shaw 2. Briles vs. 3. Harbaugh
  13. My gut, which is only slightly better at prediction than a magic 8 ball, tells me that Barnes is gone after this season barring a sweet 16 or better run. I think Patterson really wants to elevate the profile of basketball at this University. Though I hold no love for Barnes this team has been a very pleasant surprise and I hope they make the decision a difficult one for Patterson with their performance.
  14. Great story! I am not sold on Gruden as a college coach in Texas ( no prior history in this environment ), but your post did ease my anxiety that his hire would be a complete dumpster fire.

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