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  1. Commentators making comparisons of Baylor coach to Tom Landry.
  2. Looks like Arkansas is trying to lose. What a turnaround on one play.
  3. As Madeline Kahn said, "It's twue. It's twue. IT'S Twue!" Keep sharing. It's great.
  4. That is a smooth "public" response. No sense in disrespecting and ticking off SEC officials before we start playing there. I'm sure behind the scenes game film will be sent with a lot of questions. Sark handles himself well along with representing UT in a professional manner.
  5. Don't forget the dropped pass in the end zone. The above stat summarized everything. Some still in denial.
  6. Refs cost us another opportunity. Should have 1st down with face masking penalty.
  7. We are now looking at last year's offense. Correction. We are looking at last year's Card offense. Difference is D has showed up.
  8. Yes. It was. Had he thrown it correctly Bijon would have scored. That is the delta.
  9. That is a ridiculous statement. You can't have same offense play calling with a lesser caliber quarterback and strengths. Now we all know why you were in a relationship with Amber.
  10. Yeppers, Card is in the game. Did that really surprise you? Arkansas said hi.
  11. FWIW - In the article Sark said he prefer playing OU and a$m every year. Jumbo said he preferred to play LSU and Texas every year..
  12. Agree. Seem like I remember his brother, Tim, blocking a punt, too. I can't swear to it. It's been too long. Yet, I can remember Ernie Koy running for a TD against Alabama in Orange Bowl (Jan, 1965).
  13. It's not like his response was like Amber. He just questioned the origin of information. Nothing personal. In time, we will all know who the starter is. Perhaps you should relax.

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