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  1. Was in Hutto. Moved to right on lake at Lake Fork.
  2. SHA, When is a good time for aeration of lawns? Thanks in advance.
  3. For those in the know, does Robinson's spot take: A) Blue's spot Other three recruits (other than Blue) C) TBD later Thanks in advance.
  4. Scrimmage looked a lot cleaner than in recent years. Obvious improvement in coaching across the board. This is not a finished product.
  5. Here is an iteresting twist on speeding up the game of baseball. Traditionalists will probably strike out (lame pun intended) while reading this. Posting this as things have gotten slow between commitments. Enjoy and don't take article too seriously. Here are some examples: No batter can step out of the batter’s box. Lock it up. Stay in there. No long, lingering batting glove and helmet adjustments. If a batter steps out, it’s a called streeeee-rike! No visits to the mound. No more mid-inning cocktail parties with the catcher, coaches and infielders. Want to change pitchers? Just shout out the change. No walks. That’s right, no walks. On Ball Four, the hitter starts running. First, second, third—as far as you can go. The defense, meanwhile, has to throw the ball around the entire infield and outfield, and only then it can try and throw you out on the base path. Maybe you’ll get tagged out! Maybe you’ll get an inside-the-park home run! Who knows! Once again, don't take article too seriously. Life is too short. It's not like there is a proposal to change collegiate baseball, MLB or changing the Road Whites to orange pants. The Crazy Baseball Team That Lets Fans Catch Foul Balls for Outs https://www.wsj.com/articles/savannah-bananas-banana-ball-speed-up-games-major-league-baseball-11616071307 Banana Ball
  6. From WSJ: Lockdowns can destroy the economy, but it’s starting to look as if they have minimal effect on the spread of Covid-19. After a year of observation and data collection, the case for lockdowns has grown much weaker. The coronavirus lockdowns constitute the most extensive attacks on individual freedom in the West since World War II. Yet not a single government has published a cost-benefit analysis to justify lockdown policies—something policy makers are often required to do while making far less consequential decisions. The Lockdowns Weren’t Worth It https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-lockdowns-werent-worth-it-11615485413
  7. Missouri https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2021/01/mookie-cooper-former-ohio-state-football-receiver-transferring-to-missouri.html
  8. For flushing, I have hot tub on back patio. One handy bucket and voila. Power came on today. Generator is nice, but heat is better! The other night all of the smoke alarms went off. On the back of each smoke alarm state they go off at temperatures >100 and < 50. Weather app said inside temperature was 42 and outside temp was 9. That was an adventure! Lol
  9. If Tampa Bay wins you will see and hear aggy type posts; i.e., KC had injuries and the refs beat them. Never mind Tampa Bay just flat out beat KC - playing and coaching.
  10. https://giphy.com/gifs/angry-upset-boo-3o84Ughbtrcsp8OAM0

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