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  1. the average person eats about 5 lbs with corn and potatoes. the going price now is 3.99 a lb here in the houston area. i did just get a text for for 2.99 for wednesday and thursday only this week. the cold weather has really affected this year's crop, keeping them down in the mud longer. other things to try if you are low carbing it are brussel sprouts, artichoke hearts, and at the very end throw some asparagus and leave them in for just a few minutes. i haven't had any yet this year because once i start i cannot stop. i have no idea about the dallas area, sorry. michelle
  2. i hope we don't screw this hire up. i'm nervous.
  3. he's the only flavor of the day chip hasn't tasted. i'm suspicious. maybe he's the one.
  4. that is wonderful news. thanks for the update and when you get a chance, please post pics. i'm a huge dog lover. i'd love to see pics the watch the growth of these wonderful dogs.
  5. i'm a pharmacist at a cancer hospital, but sometimes work at a waitress at hooters
  6. i'm sorry to hear about your little guy. no info here, just prayers and hoping for a quick recovery. please keep us posted.
  7. either one. thanks for the xmas eve gift McPhaul.
  8. teco, what site do you find to be the best for extended weather forecasts?
  9. i remember he posted something really funny about a mishap at the farm. wish i could remember what it was. his wording was funny but i'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. welcome teco.

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