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  1. Remove membrane, slap on dry rub and let sit in fridge for 24hrs. if possible. If not it's O.K., low and slow @ 250 3-5 hrs. depends to your liking. If youy like BBQ Sauce put it on ribs and put directly to grill for about 5 minutes.
  2. Manziel, DeSean Jackson and his regime says HI!
  3. Thats about right. If it was with CS I'd be worried.
  4. First of all outstanding BevoBlake! Second The only thing that I would suggest is Orange numbers on the white jersey, and white pants instead of grey with white jersey. But over all nice designs.
  5. I had an aggie tell me the Houston Texans was their atm of the NFL. SMH!
  6. Does he know we have fallen behind in the race to have the best facilities in college football?
  7. It doesn't help that aggies have billboards all over Houston asking to draft manzeil.
  8. Temporarily between jobs. Industrial maintenance technician, looking for opening in Austin or Dallas .
  9. "There are troubling times in the kingdom, mi Lady"
  10. Welcome Coach Strong. Please get the top assistance For fast success!

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