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  1. What a massive hire. He can keep the shirt.
  2. Wonder if the same people who bashed horn sports will bash ketch
  3. Holy shit. Strong tearing it up!!
  4. Riley came from the non UT side so I wouldn't be shocked if it's true. He's not someone that's been talked about until tonight when someone heard he was the guy from the ECU side.
  5. Bohls confirmed what MP and JS had been saying for a good while. The power people thought they had saban before and even again after he signed his bama extension. Bohls had a donor tell him they thought saban was well in play even the week before strong was hired. I don't get why people would even spend time at this site if they are gonna take shots at the guy. He reported what he was told. He felt saban was coming because his sources felt saban was coming. There are multiple insiders who will tell you saban was locked in with an agreement on terms until Mack's retirement dragged on too long. Patterson was then hired and things changed. Even some mods on OB have admitted had that gone down differently there was a good shot of saban to Texas. Jason S. Has admitted that. Either way to bash MP over the saban stuff when it's very clear that situation was not fake is silly
  6. You mean the saban story Mcphaul reported on and inside Texas reported on extensively that has now even been backed up by Kirk bohls in print and in interview on Paul finebaum? You're clearly taking a shot but the saban story was never fake. It didn't work out as Patterson and powers didnt want him. Even bohls admits this
  7. The people complaining about the staff are going to look foolish when it's all announced. Boards like OB were in flames today. It's flat embarrassing. Texas has a real f##king football coach and he's hiring a real tough staff that is also full of great recruiters
  8. Has there been any real report of Ed O to bama other than speculation? He's not really a position coach anyway. I could care less who bama hires. Texas got a great coach.
  9. Vaughn is supposed to be a lights out recruiter as welln
  10. Robinson is supposed to be really good from what I'm readingn
  11. Feldman. ---Charlie Strong has hired Tommie Robinson as #Texas new RB coach, Scout reports. Robinson did a great job w #USC RBs this yr.
  12. From twitter. Charlie Strong has hired Chris Vaughn at the CB spot and Tommie Robinson as the RB coach
  13. Per Eric on IT. Strong is going to kill it in recruiting
  14. Are you going to shit on every thread now with this stuff ? We get it. You hate the program.
  15. Yep. Lotus is more connected IMO than burton right now
  16. There is no chance in hell UT would turn down Wickline to come here.
  17. Makes sense. I don't think Watson works at this point
  18. The info is on lockdown. Hell OB has one source who still says Herman is in play yet others say no. Which is it? No one knows
  19. He's said he was looking at several guys and wanted Texas ties. I just don't buy into this being a fake search and predetermined. This is a new regime
  20. They were actually dead on with the saban reports. Even Kirk bohls has now confirmed. All insider sites have missed on things lately. Don't think Morris is coming and no one has reported that

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