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  1. What steps would UT be going though right now that would put a coach in Austin by Tue..wed? the only thing I can think of is buyout
  2. I asked him if the delay was contract or some other issue. I knew he wouldnt say but his response was "these things require lots of steps for a variety of reasons."
  3. if it leaks out I wouldnt be surprised if its through him. its happened before
  4. He also is not expecting them to announce it today, but when the staff hits the road on Thur it will be full force
  5. I asked Higdon if he could at least give a hint, and told him UT fans are dying here lol. He didnt offer a hint and just said ".im ready for them to make the public announcement trust me." I cant stop refreshing stuff today. This guy better be right lol
  6. Im sure he's a nice guy but time to go. Does anyone really enjoy the crap he puts out these days?
  7. I've seen the rumor pop up on twitter today, but there seems to be no legit confirmation. Maybe it happens or maybe its just the rumor that wont die until he goes elsewhere Feldman said this earlier today @BFeldmanCBS Saw reports saying that Ed Orgeron is expected to join #Bama staff.. I am pretty sure that's NOT gonna happen. Never was.
  8. Chip is speculating now because he has heard Wickline can get out of his 600K buyout at OSC by being the OC that Strong would be heading towards Wickline also being the OC. I dont think UT would be concerned about getting around a 600K buyout Not that Im opposed but dont buy it. Wouldnt fit what Higdon is claiming, and I think they would have just told the players that yesterday
  9. if he also had an Asst head coach title would it still be considered a lateral move where the buyout would apply?
  10. the only reasons I can see for waiting to announce is a) the BOR meeting b)the final details of the contract are being finalized c)they are waiting for this person to get in town.
  11. he's not touting that - its other several people that have mentioned that he knows strong including Ketch. I get the impression Strong has used him in the past to put out info. The fact he is holding back the name, and not trying to mess anything up seems to indicate he's not trying to leak info that could hurt the program....and prob has been told not to put the name out yet I asked Higdon if we will know today, and all he would say is to hang in there.
  12. How is he violating anything? He has not given the name. All he has told people is basically calm down...its coming soon and UT fans will be very pleased with a big hire. He's been pretty accurate with some other hires so I'm not surprised to learn he has an in with Charlie Strong For the most part the info HAS been on lockdown. There has not been much coming out. Even sites like OB say they cant pin down the OC hire. They dont know.
  13. Yeah he's been pretty accurate. I am assuming there is a good reason he's not putting the name out there it seems he has a tie into this regime
  14. is a Fox Sports/Scout analyst and posted on their free board From whats said on OB this guy has been pretty plugged in
  15. Well multiple other sources say the players were told he was the QB coach so I'm not going to just assume that's wrong because the Austin paper didnt confirm last night. If he was the OC he would have been announced as the OC to the players. It's more than clear another hire is trying to be made
  16. People don't want Watson as OC and it appears he's not going to be but just about every other name outside 1-2 select others would disappoint message boards. Funny. At this point whatever hire strong makes I'm gonna go with it. Pretty Clear he has a plan and is Making good hires. Watson going to the NFL would be funny because he's not "Texas good" but would be nfl good if gets a job there
  17. Per OB. Sounds like CS still finalizing something and it's not watson
  18. JS hearing from someone in the meeting. Dunno OC yet
  19. You can guarantee bobby stoops Is thinking about what is going down in Austin already

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