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  1. I just cant let myself believe Mack can be back. there is just no logical way it makes sense, and from what is being reported several places in terms of the BMD pushing all these changes with Deloss, Luck, talking to Saban, etc I just cant imagine they would allow themselves to roll over and bring Mack back after all that for a lame duck season. People have wondered what would happen if UT won out (they wont), and I think Mack could just get bought out, but it will be spun as a retirement. I saw it mentioned today worst case scenerio if Mack was defiant he gets bought out because simply too much is at stake for Texas right now be it their market share in college FB, the LHN, the Aggie position, etc
  2. Actually yeah. They aren't backing off. JS posted nothing has changed. I was in their chat on Friday night and he got some news from one of his Main sources that had him downright giddy. Part of it was terry saban was back in town, but more they haven't fully addressed. Some of their other insiders like Lamar litterell think saban is coming as of today and that so much was going on behind the scenes on this situation that it would blow people's minds. I don't know if they are right or not. JS has been dead on with saban back to last year and isn't backing off. I think a misdirection campaign is going to start

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