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  1. Yeah strong says uptempo and wants to run the ball. have to be able to line up and also punch someone in the mouth. there is your identity
  2. if Strong wants to score 10 points a game he doesnt hire Wickline and make him OC or want more of a uptempo pace on offense.
  3. The way this reads nobody save chad Morris or someone big 12 dcs had never seen before and how no idea how to defend would satisfy what you are looking for. It's about execution and coaching more than wrinkles and fancy plays. The big 12 is not a great conf full of powerhouse teams. Texas didn't have the leadership, direction, culture or coaching last year yet was still competitive overall in the conf and nearly won it Texas has gone out and hired a strong head coach who is going to flip things upside down in Austin. To each his own but there is a lot more reason for optimism with this new era than pessimism
  4. its not being full aggy to act like Texas isn't screwed because they hired Charlie Strong and this offense under Wickline hasnt even taking the field yet. Assuming its going to be a mess based on no evidence whatsoever makes no sense at this point. At least see a spring game...or game one of the year to declare Texas is going to really suck on offense this year. I have a lot more faith in Wickline/OSU system than what Texas had on offense last season. Its not even close. I just dont see reasons for such a rush to judgement on this new regime. Shouldnt they get a chance to show something before people talk about what a bad staff they are?
  5. you realize Texas was a win away from the big 12 title and a BCS bowl this year with a F'ing horrible offense and bad play calling..not to mention a shadow over the whole team all year with Mack's future in limbo and even some major ass beatings they took thrown in? Also a DC fired during the season and a new DC coming in to take over? Texas still has talent, and Strong is a damn good coach. I get you are totally down on the Strong hire, but Texas isnt going to suck next season..not even on offense
  6. I prefer "TexasStrong" that people have used on merchandise already
  7. who reported this? I dont see a thread
  8. Texas fights to protect 'Stronghorns' Associated Press AUSTIN, Texas -- The University of Texas is cracking down on a growing volume of clothing and other gear emblazoned with the name of new football coach Charlie Strong, according to a published report. The push is an effort to secure trademark rights on some Strong-related themes and phrasing, the Austin American-Statesman reported. Representatives of the athletics department are targeting entrepreneurs who have been selling items displaying Strong's name or likeness. Charlie Strong The University of Texas has already moved to trademark "Stronghorns" after hiring coach Charlie Strong. The university has already sent one cease-and-desist letter. Shirts and gear using the words "Stronghorns," "Texas Strong" and "UT Strong" showed up for sale both online and in some stores, but those items were pulled after merchants were contacted by UT athletics. The UT System has already moved to trademark "Stronghorns," according to records with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application was filed Jan. 7, two days after UT announced Strong's hiring. "We like 'Stronghorns' because it plays off us having a really strong, forceful team," said Craig Westemeier, a UT assistant athletics director who handles licensing issues. "That includes everyone, not just coach." UT has already sent one cease-and-desist letter and Westemeier said he expects at least one more to be sent. Any UT-branded merchandise sold by official licensees, such as Nike, must first be approved by the university, Westemeier said. That would include Strong memorabilia. The university has a lot on the line when it comes to merchandising. The 2013 UT athletics report showed $9 million in net revenue from trademark licensing, the American-Statesman reported. Among colleges, it ranked No. 1 in the nation in 2012, the most recent figures available, according to the College Licensing Co. It was the eighth consecutive year that UT topped the list. On apparel and non-apparel items, the university typically gets a royalty rate of 12 percent, Westemeier said. As is usually the case, Strong wouldn't get any of that cash, he said. "We're really trying to protect coach and our mark," Westemeier said, "but we're trying to manage this in the right way and not be overbearing."
  9. I dont agree Texas is going to be bad on offense next year. Sorry I just dont. Last year they were awful and play calling was awful too. It wont be worse and its very hard for me to believe it wont be ANY better under Charlie Strong and staff. Yeah Ash has to stay healthy but me saying he will is no worse as guess than people automatically assuming he gets knocked out early. By all reports he's been doing well and fully expects to play by in the spring. I also would expect Swoopes to get much better coaching (as Watson is actually a good QB coach) and be better prepared should he be playing. I fully expect the offensive line to play well under Wickline and texas has talent at RB obviously. Wickline has been telling people he is the OC...if you are wondering who the leader is its Wickline. I would assume they run a lot of the same types of schemes OSU uses. Wickline will install the offense most likely and coordinate the running game. I would not bet any amount of money on there being no plan, no process, no leadership. That is not how Strong runs things to just let one side of the ball flounder along without a purpose and plan. I fully expect the defense to be good next season. Even Greg Robinson in short order turned that unit around. I have little to no doubt Strong and Bedford will have them playing well during the season. None. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I think the other side expecting Texas to be that horrible is overstating things as well
  10. Can you share here what your contact told you about UT's hires? Was a good read. Dont want to copy and paste it
  11. I think people expect some culture shock and attrition with people who cant hack it....but I dont think most people are lowering expectations next year. There is still lots of talent on campus and people will expect those players to be coached up higher than before, more prepared on game day X's and O's wise, better in shape physically and mentally. People know Texas was a game away from a big 12 title and a BCS bowl birth so will expect some improvement...that and not have total ass kickings like BYU, OSU etc where it seems some players just gave up
  12. I think its hard to just go down the line coach by coach you have to factor in a totally different head coach and biggest of all totally different culture The running of the program and atmosphere around the team is likely to be a 180 from Mack. They are just different styles of coaches that plays a major role when comparing staff vs staff. They wont be coached the same and expectations will be different most likely
  13. im still not 100% convinced Chambers being a position coach is locked in. Its been reported totally different ways during the week
  14. Im not sure its done because there are mixed reports on chambers
  15. True though Moorer is known for some pretty intense workouts. Will be interesting. You also do not have Maddog around anymore (or Mack) to meddle with the S&C program. I think Bennie was handcuffed to some degree from reports in the past
  16. camp starts today with moorer and IT mentioned the players have been told some of them will likely quit
  17. Doesn't seem like Higdon was correct so far but in case he's not full of shit it seems like today he's not assuming anything is done until Strong says it is. dunno if thats a hint or not
  18. 2 things I have seen repeated on message boards since last night 1) UT will struggle in recruiting 2) UT will suck on offense (obviously completely forgetting the Wickline hire and what a good to great O-line will do for a team) Neither one of those is remotely facts. UT is getting the culture change soooooo many wanted, and yet the crying has already started on this coach/staff before they even hit the ground
  19. Rumph is pretty highly regarded as a DL coach around the country. I get people want to assume saban kicked him out but people claimed bo Davis was a saban reject and he just hired him back after rump went to Texas.
  20. Burton thinks he's coming too. Curious to see what happens with Watson
  21. im interested to see how it turns out. This is nothing like we have been used too for 16 years. Its a whole new experience and Texas seems to have a honest to God football coach who will hit on all the areas people have been screaming needed fixed for years. time will tell how it works out on the field, but just cant believe we dont see good results from hard work, players in top shape to really push their max talent, huge increase in toughness and decrease in entitlement, and teams that are prepared to play each Sat to the max of their ability. I cant wait.

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