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  1. I dont have an issue with paying a few bucks for some premium content.  I think the staff will deliver, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed the message board has basically gone pay as well.  I really liked the community here this last season and it offered something OB and IT were not.  Not saying it still wont, but I get the idea several good posters that have been posting here for free the past year are now turned off by the pay idea.  Some have posted so on the site, and posted elsewhere they prob would not subscribe as weren't looking to go down the pay route 


    I cant blame the owners for wanting to capitalize on what they have here, but I'd seriously consider leaving the regular message board free until this place is really humming with big traffic and established poster base

  2. I follow the English Premier league most often.  Its like the NFL of soccer, and can easily be found on cable Sat/Sun, some week day matches etc.  Been a liverpool fan for about a decade, and really enjoying them finally being back to kicking ass with how they have played this season.


    Love the World Cup, and try to keep up with the Champions League which is basically a tournament that goes on at different times during the year with teams who have qualified from the various major leagues out there

  3. people will expect immediate success.  Texas is not without talent.  Given Texas was a game from winning the big 12 last year despite lots of injuries and major distractions around the team all season with Mack Brown's future....what are your expectations for this coming season considering what Strong is bringing to this program in short order?

  4. really dont get being already down on Strong at this point. The fact he has to step in and try to save a recruiting class that very very likely would have been looking around even if Mack stayed just speaks to the situation Mack Brown left....not strong. Hell its a NATIONAL story now that Mack Brown told kids to look around. How F'ing pathetic is that?


    You cant expect a new regime to step in and there not to be players who look around or change their mind. I really dont have much doubt Strong can recruit and will recruit very well at texas. using the past couple of weeks of having to clean up Mack Brown's mess isnt a good long term example or predictor

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