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  1. Great hips, long arms and big hands. Athletic. Wick was recruiting him at OSU. LSU loved this kid and Stanford has been on him a long time. Lots of moving parts here.
  2. I know a bunch about this kid. His uncle is one of my best friends. Really late bloomer his senior. Huge and great feet. Plays hoops if I recall him telling me. He turned down LSU and the family was a little surprised about him. Kid has grown up a huge Texas fan but we never pursued. Wickline knows talent and if he likes Elijah then there is a great shot for Texas to flip him.
  3. For the last 30+ years I have worked as a salesman of laundry and dry cleaning supplies, equipment and parts in Texas, Ok and Ark. Usually I just tell people I sell buttons. I also own,manager and play in a successful variety/dance band in Austin. We travel and play for weddings, special events , gala's, fundraisers and in local venues. It is a lot of fun and after almost 4 years , in a tough economy, our calendar is starting to fill up. I am very blessed!!!! Hook'em
  4. Unfortunately, old guys say just about whatever they want. Most of the time people just excuse them saying " ...he is just an old fart, don't pay attention". Kind of like a free pass. However, in this case Red just couldn't control his tongue. He is a very successful man who has given much of his wealth away and still has a ton. That doesn't give him a free pass and he has hurt himself with recent comments. It's hell getting old but it will and is happening to all of us at some point.
  5. Duke, you sure you're not over reacting a bit? As a fan base we are fortunate to know what little we do. Before websites like this one we were all in the dark about anything that was going on. I just get the idea that things have been ratcheted down quite a bit over there and the anxiety that we are experiencing is just a lack of confidence based on the past regime. Thirty plus years with one ad is just too long and there is almost no lack of distrust with the remaining influence over at Belmont. Couple that with Mack dragging it out till the bitter end and speculation that we could begin down the road to relevancy again at any moment makes for high drama.
  6. Tree, great to see you here. Lets talk soon over the phone when we get a chance. Tell the Doctor hi for me.
  7. Well after a period of time at this site I have come to the conclusion that it really feels like home. I have been a member of different Longhorn related websites since before the Hornfans days. I have posted very little over the last decade due to the attack dogs that prowl OB and other venues. It seems that civil give and take reside here. That doesn't mean we all agree but different opinions are welcomed . So here it goes... I graduated from Texas in the late 70s. Just like so many of you , I love The University. I worked for ABC Sports part time in college and afterwards as a production assistant for regional NCAA football telecasts and Monday Night Football till 1982 and did stringing for ESPN during its cable infancy. After a short career as a television sports director and anchor/reporter I got out of the business and moved back to Austin. I also was the public address voice of Longhorn Tennis for 18 seasons as a volunteer and announced Southwest Conference, Big 12 and NCAA regional tennis events that Texas hosted during my time there. From 1985-1997 I was a volunteer with FCA on campus. I hope you notice a trend. If you give your best to Texas she will give her best back to you. And for me it always has been a privilege to give my best to Texas. I love it there. That brings me to the meat of my post. I am not willing to tell all I have seen but the decay of our once proud athletic department has been well chronicled both here and in other venues and is on target. When self centered people are involved it just gets messy especially when ego and power has been taken to a level of rarefied air. As in full of it. I have friends who work at Belmont. They are fine people of high integrity who wake up in the morning with a passion to make Texas great. To often we tend to lump them in with those who only look to insure their power. It is a mistake to do so. With all that said, regime change is painful and often times the beginning of the cultural transition is tedious. I went to school with Steve Patterson and while I don't know him personally I spent quite a bit of time around him when I officiated intramural hoops while in school. He is passionate about success. I even remember T'ing him up a few times. Oh the memories. He is going to do it his way and there will be casualties involved. Finally, from time to time I will post. To the skeptics I say , its just a message board if you don't like it just don't read it. I look forward to being a part of this site as a member.

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