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  1. Saw the thread. Why did you leave OB if you don't mind me asking?
  2. I had no idea any of that had happened between McPhaul and Ketch....
  3. Was that before or after the visits to Auburn and Baylor? You would have much better argument with Heard than Bonney.
  4. Wittek is a strong armed 6'4 220ish drop back passer Rivals 100 player of HS in Cali Basically nothing like Case....better size and prospect coming out of HS. Some guys grow and mature when going elsewhere. Look at Gilbert and the year he had at SMU. Good news if it happens.
  5. Indefensible You tell the young men you committed this great university and Texas will get an outstanding coach to come in after I am gone. At the worst the players should have taken a wait and see approach. What Mack did is what an angry, petty and ego centered person would do as he exits in a scorned fashion. I feel terrible for Coach Strong and he walked into a dumpster fire of a situation. He is recruiting his butt off doing everything he can to keep this class together and the old coach tells the kids to look around. Mack dang well knew the incoming staff wouldn't have had time to replace the departed if a mass exodus took place. Someone that "loves" Texas and is still getting paid by them shouldn't have done this. I'm not surprised by what he did. Someone that cared so much about his public appearance and controlling the message told me plenty.
  6. That shows Sumlin is a jackass. There isn't a coach worth a grain of salt that doesn't ask the same of their players right now at the HS level. Kids are required to do all the things Strong is enforcing.
  7. Strong has his work cut out for him big time. I understand the deck was stacked in the 90s as I lived through that era but this seems different. The SEC appeal, Sumlin's recruiting prowess and the fact that Texas cannot beat them on the field has changed the dynamics IMO this go around. Texas needs to win big next year but I don't think they will.
  8. Lobo---any idea why Mack was against him bringing a GA?
  9. Whatever endorsement Shipley gave Ash just reinforces the fact that David can play good football and he will be a sight for sore eyes to Texas fans.
  10. How Texas is behind on anything dealing with facilities is beyond me. People should be chasing Texas. Why have all this money if you never use it to your advantage?
  11. I think they're in trouble. Manziel covered a ton of their sins and Evans wasn't too far behind either. Aggy was dead last in the SEC in total defense. While I think they will improve some defensively they will take a big step back on offense. They had four losses with Manziel...7-5 or 6-6 is certainly not out of the question.

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