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    Coach840 reacted to TeamMayhall in 10 NSD Thoughts   
    Thank you HS.
    This is my 3rd recruiting cycle on this site. Truly enjoy the community
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    Coach840 reacted to Mike Roach in Quick note on Taquon Graham   
    I was asked not to report this information last night, but it got out through other sources. My source close to Graham told me he's had it with the recruiting process and is planning to cancel his OU visit this weekend. Graham reportedly called Herman last night to tell him he was shutting it down. OU is still pushing to get him on campus, but from what we were told he wasn't planning to make it.
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    Coach840 reacted to Harrison Wier in Friday Staff Chat is Open   
    Beck and Drayton imo
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    Coach840 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Friday Staff Chat is Open   
    Order yourself a Greenburg Turkey and you'll order from them every year.
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    Coach840 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1   
    Juan Grande and others who post all these updates and tweets – THANK YOU! 
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    Coach840 reacted to primal defense in Strong speaks of faith, passion at Breakfast of Champions   
    Strong speaks of faith, passion at Breakfast of Champions
    An overflow crowd of 1,200 crowd greeted Charlie Strong early Friday morning and listened to the University of Texas football coach talk about his faith, passion for his players and being in the pressure cooker of one of the most high profile jobs in the nation.
    Strong was in Tyler for the Breakfast of Champions, hosted by Green Acres Baptist Church at the Crosswalk Conference Center.
    GABC pastor David Dykes said in the seven years of the series that has featured NFL and Major League Baseball players and other college coaches and personalities, this was the first sellout.
    Strong talked of his religious background and the other religion in Texas, football.
    He said his favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3: 5-6,“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways submit to Him,and He will make your paths straight.â€
    Strong said he grew up in the small town of Batesville, Arkansas, where his church “would have maybe 25 on Sunday, not like the 14,000 members here Pastor Dykes.â€
    Strong said they began church at 9 a.m. on Sundays and did not get out until 9 p.m. On Monday, when they got to school they would find out who won the NFL games.
    He told the group the team holds Chapel on Fridays before games and every Sunday.
    “I tell parents I am not trying to convert them, but I think it is important to have Chapel. That’s where you learn about leadership, overcoming adversity. Our goal is developing young men for life,†Strong said.
    The top goal Strong said for his players is: graduate and that will give you an opportunity to be successful in life and to be productive citizens.
    Strong said he is following a legend in coach Mack Brown. He added he talks with Brown, who led the Longhorns to the 2005 national championship, at least once a week and that his predecessor is a sounding board.
    He wondered how Brown could last 17 years under the pressure of coaching in Austin and “I’m just in year three,†he laughed. Strong said those are big shoes to fill.
    He noted the ups and downs of last season. After a couple of kicking game errors resulted in losses to California and Oklahoma State, his team bounced back to beat Oklahoma (which got a big cheer) and later Baylor.
    After back-to-back top 10 recruiting classes, Strong feels the foundation is in place and has a chance to win.
    Strong described a typical recruiting day with former Gilmer coach and current UT assistant Jeff Traylor, who was in attendance on Friday, began at 6 a.m. in Texarkana, followed by trips to Liberty-Eylau, Tyler, Nacogdoches, back to Tyler, Bullard, New Orleans and ended in Austin.
    He praised Traylor for the job he has done, especially getting Nacogdoches defensive back Brandon Jones to sign.
    “We don’t negative recruit,†Strong said. “We sell our product - The University of Texas.â€
    He noted the core values he established for the team was nothing different than “what we grow up with†- honesty, treat women with respect, no drugs or alcohol, no stealing and no weapons.
    He also added, “there is no substitute for hard work.â€
    Now, it is just a matter of getting into the win column after 6-7 and 5-7 seasons.
    “We will get it right and it will be sooner than later,†Strong said.
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    Coach840 reacted to DClonghornsfan in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Another CB for Mark Jackson for us, plus Thaddeus Moss committed to NC State
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    Coach840 got a reaction from Epictetus in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Be nice to have one during aggy's recruiting weekend
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    Coach840 reacted to CoachEmUp64 in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Ready for Swervin Irvin to commit and start that train
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    Coach840 reacted to Juan in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Word is he may even stay on the field for the Eyes of Texas ....
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    Coach840 reacted to Throthefade in Darius Anderson sets up official to Texas   
    Texas had a chance to get this kid a while ago. They are trying to make it right. 
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    Coach840 reacted to Bear19 in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    I would like to see Charlie convince a couple of those five stars that he is going to win nine games next year.
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    Coach840 reacted to Juan in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Word now that Josh Reynolds and Daeshon Hall may also go NFL (both projected starters)
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    Coach840 reacted to Juan in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Yes, we still have a shot
    Although it is unclear how hard we will pursue it.  We will see on that front
    For me, I like Darius Anderson better anyway, so i hope he sees the crack in the door. 
    Home-run threat.  Can catch the ball.  Shades of Romance?

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    Coach840 reacted to DMAC in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Yea I am worried too.  Our DL is already weak especially if Hassan leaves.  We struck out last year on DT's and now so far this year.
    You would think DL would be chomping at the bit to play for Strong since he is always talking up DL and LB's.
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    Coach840 reacted to TeamMayhall in Raulerson transferring   
    Per Chip:
    Jake Raulerson is open to staying at Texas, so now it's a matter of getting that rift healed.
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    Coach840 reacted to Throthefade in Traylor to Texas!   
    Good hire, Traylor he is well respected and his kids seem to really like him. He is also an offensive guy which is one advantage over a guy like Joey. He will open some doors for Strong and UT for sure.
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    Coach840 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2016 recruiting   
    IMO, the "MUST HAVE" on defense this year is DT, Kendell Jones, 6'4 300 lbs, Killeen Shoemaker. We'll need at least three DTs in this class, IMO. But he's the one I want right now.
    Would also like to get a pair of DEs like Manor's Eric Fowler and McKinney's Justin Madabuike.
    Haven't decided yet on who the "must have" on offense is.
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    Coach840 reacted to Throthefade in Charlie the recruiter   
    If Texas plays some solid football this year they will have a top 5 class next year. All it takes is some consistent football and this thing is going to blow up.
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    Coach840 reacted to Juan in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
    He plays RB
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    Coach840 reacted to Juan in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
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    Coach840 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
    You're my kinda guy. Love me some biscuits and gravy (and bits of sausage mixed in).
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    Coach840 reacted to utisdabomb12 in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
    Apparently Locksley and his father have told Higdon directly that Kai does not want to RS.
    So you can squash that rumor. 
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    Coach840 reacted to utisdabomb12 in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
    FWIW Higdon is starting to sound like he did with Boyd/Hill in terms of Mack/Warren. It's like he's already including them in the class. 
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    Coach840 reacted to bcherry168 in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
    This would be a very sound move for McGuire. After those years as a very successful high school coach, it is time for him to move up if he is ever going to.
    My Dad did the same, coming to Texas in 1937 as an assistant to D. X. Bible after 3 straight state championships at Amarillo. In 10 years he was head coach at UT.

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