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  1. Be nice to have one during aggy's recruiting weekend
  2. Has any contact been made with Mattox and JR family
  3. It was Troup, Gilmer hired a Troup coach and rumor had it Lynch lived with him......also heard rumor of a family issue with stepdad, so mom moved...not sure on that one
  4. Thought Mack was going to Auburn and TCU next two weekends
  5. Would think we would be hearing something soon with recruits coming in this weekend? Also dead period just about up and the coaches can be out
  6. Sho, I think you are right. Daughter was in same class at Troup, and I think it was before Coach Strong got here
  7. I know Miss. St did, heard Oregon came by...several others.but Baylor as far as I know recruited him the best. Did hear one time he went down to Austin but felt like staff was slow playing him...I don't remember if that was Mack's staff or Strongs
  8. DA is at Troup now, saw him at basketball game last night. Really struggled without Lynch
  9. Thanks to Hornsports and Shannon Kelley for the chat, really enjoyed it. Thanks again
  10. Was what I thought, when hearing Koenning took one for the team...
  11. Agree, one could argue he coached his position as well as anyone this yr
  12. At state championships Chambers was talking retiring, I was told
  13. A lot of smoke out there, Aggy must have a printing press with all the money they are spending

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