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  1. I'm also one of the skeptics...very much like Doc...but I would never make disparaging remarks about someone relating their experiences. All of y'all that have experiences...please continue posting. I think it's interesting.
  2. I'm not certain if you're being serious or not. But the Doc Longhorn that posts on this board does not post on OB. I saw the thread that you're talking about on OB, and I can assure you that it was a different poster. I like the idea of having a few off topic threads on this board. Anything that gets posted here that gets more people to participate and post makes this place better, IMO.
  3. Changing the subject, but several weeks ago there was mention in Burnt Ends that Devonaire Clarington had substantial work to do when it came to his grades...and eventual admission to UT. There doesn't seem to be any other site reporting any concerns about Clarington....at all. Has HornSports heard anything recently about him that would put our minds at ease concerning his grades?
  4. Not sure where I read it, but I believe that Cory has previously said this will very likely be his last year.. Obviously, that's a very complex decision for him, and I'm sure he'll take a month or so to make a decision.
  5. Sorry I didn't see it Matt. My eyes (or something) must be going on me.
  6. I read somewhere that Jay Norvell had been recruiting Scott...and some speculation that there was a connection there.
  7. This is certainly not new news...but I thought there should at least be mention of it here. According to Brown, it was a mutual decision. There have been all kinds of rumors posted by those looking for a reason, with the most common being: (1). He was told he needed to gray shirt and he refused; (2). He poses a risk of not having necessary grades; and (3) He was guilty of a bit of misconduct during his visit (went to strip club)...and things went downhill thereafter. But bottom line is that we have one more scholarship available to give.
  8. Obviously, the snipe hunt is ordinarily a practical joke. But they are, in fact, real birds and I'm told they're fine table fare. I used to hunt them for fun when I was young but never a good enough wing shooter to kill more than a few of them. I didn't know they were good to eat until I read an article about snipe hunting a couple weeks ago.
  9. And yet I don't know of a single high school coach in the State of Texas that doesn't kiss his a** (or so it seems) Saban has been skimming cream out of Texas ever since Mack went downhill.
  10. Mark..I would not be the least bit surprised but what you're right about Mack. I don't EXPECT it, but it wouldn't shock me. Regarding Tim Irving....you think he's going to be better than Diggs?? I have a friend that's a high school ref, and he told me that he thought Diggs was the best high school athlete he'd seen in his 25+ years of working high school football. I have strong doubts that Irving will be any better than Diggs.
  11. In the vernacular, Ohio State gave Oregon a good old fashion ass-whuppin. Smash mouth football.
  12. So far as tid-bits of information, I think it's mildly interesting that Jeff Hilldebrand recently donated millions of dollars to Texas A&M to help them build a new equestrian center...and that his daughter attends Texas A&M (as did his father). But both Jeff and his wife are graduates of UT and hopefully we are the beneficiaries of his billions when he starts writing the really big checks. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/society/05-03-14-billionaire-ut-board-member-with-aggie-ties-gives-millions-to-new-equestrian-center/
  13. I'm straddling the fence on this one. Personally, I think he's just one of those guys that likes the attention and enjoys playing this game. Although I can't say I expect it, I will not be surprised to see him visit UT before this is all over. Last minute visit. Then say he can't make up his mind and will not announce till signing day. As others have said on many occasions, following the ups and downs of recruiting a high school kid is pretty much a sheer waste of time. But I do it ...and enjoy it.
  14. The only thing not to like is that he's not coming this year. I don't watch a lot of high school film, but this is the best I've watched this year...relating to a receiver committed to the Horns.
  15. From what I can gather in looking at several other sites, it hasn't been officially announced...yet is is being called a "done deal" by a very respected Mod on one of the other sites that is rarely wrong. Thanks Lastcall for reporting the news here. I appreciate it. I hate to lose Burt but if he's going to flip, I'm glad he's doing it now.
  16. Thanks Aaron for posting the transcript. I usually arrive at the chat room about 30 minutes after it's over. It's nice to have a transcript. Also would like to see the one with Shannon if possible.
  17. I wouldn't understand how any Texas fan could help but be excited by what's happened with our recruiting over the last couple weeks. It gives us hope that better times are ahead.
  18. Juan...I'm slow this morning and not sure what your post reflects. Was that a prediction form last year...or is that a prediction for the 2015 season? Either way...it doesn't make much sense??? I think TCU has 10 starters back on offense for next year. What am I missing?
  19. "If Clarington comes in and dedicates himself to the weight room and film room he has the chance to be a special player." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike....if I were you when I wrote the above, I would have listed 'Weight room, film room and CLASS ROOM". We don't need no more of that worry about who's going to be eligible etc. Having said that, I'm sure Clarington is fully aware of what Charlie expects and therefore, we shouldn't have that problem.
  20. Also Street...it's kind of interesting that Cardale Jones didn't have all that "game time" playing experience that's supposed to be mandatory before a college QB is capable of playing.
  21. yeah---Studdard left after 2006 season and I guess we started replacing coordinators (I didn't look it up).....But after Kasey left..we proceeded to go 10-3, 12-1 and 13-1 over the next 3 years. It does make you wonder where the real problem was.
  22. Alabama v Ohio State......so much to dislike about both of them. I'm troubled. But in light of my desire to also pick against an entire conference..I have to root for OSU. Go Buckeyes.
  23. http://southcarolina.247sports.com/Board/44/Contents/Patterson-Mindset-at-TCU-34231675 TCU survived on Dalton and the read option. It worked to perfection. Boykin? Not so much in 2013. Then Patterson brings in Meachum/Cumbie and Boykin puts up 3700 yards passing and a 30/7 TD/INT ratio (from 1200 and 7/7 in 2013!!). Point is, coaching changes can improve your program overnight. The 2 guys literally took an inept TCU offense and doubled the production in one off season. With the same players. (I honestly didn't look, but I doubt many True Freshman from their #50 ranked recruiting class came in to start.) It just takes a little outside-the-box thinking.
  24. Java, likewise I respect you as a poster. But I need to correct some of your apparent misunderstanding of what I posted. 1.I dId not assume you got your information here and never said anything to even remotely suggest that. All of it has been posted and repeated and discussed ad nauseum all over message boards across the internet for well more than a year. Hopefully you didn't think I was hearing what you posted here for the first time. Once it gets repeated often enough...it becomes a "fact" ...unless someone steps up to the plate and says...hey..wait a minute..how do you know that's true? All I asked was whether you had personal knowledge of the truth of your slams at Mack regarding Muschamp's final review and what someone allegedly overheard Bruce Matthews say at a spring practice and then the twist toward Mack's running off quarterbacks and Harsin etc etc. If you do have personal knowledge all those things are true...just say so. 2. Regarding the state of the program when Charlie arrived, I do not agree that all of the blame for the personnel problems this year rests upon the "weak shoulders of Mack Brown". There were a combination of circumstances that created the problems....some of them were Mack's fault, some were just pure bad luck and others likely resulted from poor decisions made by the current staff. I'm not quite sure what questions you're talking about that I didn't answer. Stuff related to whether the gossip and hearsay you posted about Mack is true or not true?? I'll answer right now. I don't know. But then again, neither do you. Chances are good that there is a tad of truth mixed in with a substantially greater portion of untruth. 3. I agree that Mack held on too long, but I'm unaware of the "great damage" Mack did to our University?? Maybe you could PM me to define that damage more specifically. I agree that DKR was the greatest coach we've ever had and he left with class. Regarding Mack hiring Jamail?? How do you know he hired him?? Isn't it just as likely that he and Joe were close friends and that Joe wanted to make certain Mack received the compensation to which he was entitled when he left? I think that scenario is just as likely as the "Mack hired Jamail" scenario. It's not like Jamail needed to be paid or hired. It seems to me that you and I agree regarding factual issues...that Mack let the program decline during his last few years and that he should have been fired (pushed out) sooner. What we disagree about is all the gossip and hearsay surrounding his personal business. So now that we've both had our final post, we can agree to disagree and walk away as friends. And as you said, you will see no further response from me, as I agree that it's personal and boring to others.

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