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  1. HOWEVER.....that was one heckuva a fun way to finish the game. Both teams standing toe to toe and slugging it out.
  2. Regarding Tommie Harris...Horn fans love to talk sh** about him...apparently simply because he chose the Sooners over the Horns. The idea that he never lived up to his billing is simply a myth. In his dreams, Daylon Mack hopes his career will be as successful as Tommie Harris. Harris was 2 time consensus All-American at OU, got drafted in the first round....played at least 8 years in the League with all pro selection for at least 3 of those years. Not a bad day's work, and I'm pretty sure he got paid handsomely for it. And I'm pretty sure that's what Daylon is looking for.
  3. Wow!! Jim...you nailed it..old friend.
  4. I don't know what Brewer did after he left Texas, but in my opinion, if he came he would be roughly the same talent/experience as a red shirt freshman. Probably a bit more advanced but not a lot. This is all speculation but at same time, many connections between Watson and Brewer. Also reports that Steve Spurrier is hot after Connor also.
  5. Blake Munroe has posted on OB and is reporting that there has, in fact, been talks about post-grad quarterback Connor Brewer coming to Texas. "The talks between the two parties are still ongoing". "The fact is, if Texas will have him, he's Texas' to lose".
  6. Ketchum is great athlete, and I'm sure Bedford could find some way to use him. But I followed him very closely last year, and if anyone is thinking he could cure our QB problems, ....I don't think so. Great runner but can't pass (consistently...i.e. not consistent enough to be a college QB)
  7. I think Anrhony Wheeler's gonna be ready to play. 17 years old below.
  8. Alleged insider on OB is now saying Lodge has called Norvell and told him Ole Miss. ?????????
  9. I assume Lodge will be here for 3 or 4 years, and I'm talking about what he wants down the road. Having Locksley come would be one hell of a lot better than having no one coming. I like Heard a lot and have always thought he's capable of being a player. But we need more than one QB. I simply can't include Swoopes as anyone that we can count on.
  10. I think if we could give Lodge 100% assurance that we were getting Kai Locksley...he would still come. Lodge has always liked UT and was ready to come until Charlie got rid of Wyatt. Perhaps the x factor plus Jay Norvell plus Locksley would be enough to bring Lodge into the fold. Lodge does want to know that he has a QB that can sling it.
  11. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 Aggie OC tweet
  12. Tomorrow's announcement from Hill/Boyd now more important than ever...to keep the momentum going to the good guys.
  13. Rambo...did you ever get yours straightened out?
  14. Go to the youtube video that you want and right click (right in the middle of the video). Select "get video url" and copy that. Then come to this board and simply paste it into the posting box..
  15. [tweet =https://twitter.com/247Sports/status/560143981917786113]
  16. Not that big of a deal but I've noticed several guys thinking Earl Thomas was a 3 star. Perhaps he was rated 3 star by someone, but on Rivals, he was a 4 star and ranked as the 19th best player in the state of Texas. Link here: https://rivals.yahoo.com/texas/football/recruiting/player-Earl-Thomas-37758;_ylt=AtPsMYtOlESxajyoXlC5AgDrt5B4
  17. Good point Donald. I didn't know this board allowed that. Seems as if most do not.
  18. Above the box where you are either replying or originating a post, there are 2 rows of icons. In the bottom row, there is an icon which is 9th from the left that looks like a chain link (I suppose). If you click that icon, it will bring up the menu that allows you to link. It may not look exactly like what you're accustomed to seeing, but it does the job. For example, here is a link to your previous post about super bowl recipes: http://www.hornsports.com/forums/topic/9532-share-your-super-bowl-recipes/
  19. I agree with you. I certainly don't think it's a certainty for the aggies but would call it 60/40 in their favor. Sure hope we're wrong.
  20. Actually...I think Shawn Robinson is just going to be a junior this year. He was a Soph this past season. We have a few years before he's going to commit (but we HAVE offered already).
  21. The visit to Cedar Hill has been on 247 for nearly 30 minutes...........with story....free to look at.;

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