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  1. Not a new member but I will be spending some time here from now on
  2. It happens. I'm not happy, but at same time, it's way too early in the year to be worried about what happens at crunch time
  3. Pitchers gave up four hits in 12 innings and we still can't win. Disappointing.
  4. Merry Christmas to all and truly wish you all the best for 2016. Ain't that far away fellers.
  5. So---if all we're willing to offer is a 2 year deal...then all the "Charlie's been given a blank check" to hire the next guy.....is nothing but pure bull sh**..I suppose the term blank check means one thing to one person and something else to another. But people need to quit using the phrase when they're doing nothing but talking out their ass while trying to spend somebody else's money.
  6. I don't understand the concern about the uncertainty of Charlie Strong's future and how that uncertainty might affect our ability to hire an OC. With the mess we have on our hands at present, I can't imagine than any OC would be willing to take the Texas job without haveing a GUARANTEED 3 year deal. And I strongly suspect that's what we're offering. Therefore, if your new hire has a 3 year contract guaranteed with compensation at 1 mill per year, and Charlie leaves at the end of the next year and the new guy gets fired with him...he walks away with his guaranteed $3 million for one year's work. Alternatively, if a new coach comes on board and wants to keep him...he get to keep on working for 1 mill per year. Either scenario isn't bad. I don't see the problem.
  7. This is not a popularity contest: 1. Coach Stoopid....wins by a substantial margin 2. Briles 3. Patterson 4. Snyder 5. Gundy Let Strong, Holgerson and Kingsbury draw straws for the 6,7 and 8 position.
  8. Hurtt can recruit with the best of them. That's the main reason I want him. I know he got a little over-zealous when working for Charlie in Louisville, but I'm confident that Charlie would be keeping a close eye on him to make certain it didn't happen again.
  9. Happy Birthday!! You are now officially a member of the old timer's club. 52 (and holding) .Cheese said 65. You're a damned good worker for being as old as you are.
  10. Thanks Mark for such a civil response. As you well know (and perhaps you know better than most ...I'm kidding you) .....choice of words when posting can take you down a slippery slope. For example...using words like "always", "100%", "certain", "never' and others that don't come to mind right now...will most always elicit an argumentative response. On the hand, using words like "possible or possibly", "usually", "almost", "occasionally" and "in my opinion"....leave a lot of wiggle room and can nip an argument in the bud.. So....perhaps I was wise in saying "possibly catastrophic". My thoughts are that Charlie has been here less than 2 years and likely already has roughly 60% of the Texas fan base that wants to see him fired. His critics are in a shark-like feeding frenzy....and SURELY...it's not a great feeling that he awakes with every morning. To top all of that off, if he does end the season at 4-8....and gets fired after only 2 years on the job, I think most would think that he lost a bit of shine off his resume. I'm not going to spend time describing what would have happened if he stayed at Louisville...but suffice it to say..in my opinion, he wouldn't be involved in a sh** storm of controvery today if he were still there...no matter what his record was. If you're making 3 million and happy, that could be better than 5 mill and unhappy. In my opinion, the fan base and media that cover the University of Texas are relentless and without question, in the top 3 of all college football teams with expectations that are often greater than realisic. There are times when the difference between winning and losing is just pure luck. A high snap, a missed extra point or field goal, a fumble , a bad penalty...any of which can mean the difference between winning and losing...can happen at any time. All football coaches are WELL aware of this...and therefore when you make that decision to come to Texas...you better hope like hell that those things don't happen...and especially hope they don't happen repeatedly. Texas fans will cut you no slack even though they're mostly aware of the truth of what I just described. But eff it...you better just win. Period. So any coach that is simply an "up and comer" (Herman)...that has not already established an outstanding track record consisting of multiple MNCs (eg Saban)...would have to think hard before taking the job at Texas. Obviously the up and comer wouldn't have to think too hard if offered 25 million guaranteed. Now if Charlie goes 4-8, gets fired and then hired as head coach at Miami, that's no catastrophe. But if he gets fired and can't find a job any better than DC at some middle of the road destination...it is my humble opinion that his move to Texas resulted in catastrophic consequences.
  11. I think they gave him 3 mill because that's pretty much the going rate for successful coaches these days. In other words, that's what he would be offered by any number of schools that might be interested. Furthermore, even if Texas was interested, a 3 million dollar deal at a highly secure and relatively low pressure job might make him think long and hard about leaving (for a job like Texas). Texas is high reward, but also...very high risk. It's no wonder that Charlie forced Texas into a 25 million guaranty to persuade him to leave the safety of Louisville. The way it's turned out, I got to say Charlie didn't just fall off the turnip truck before signing off on his deal. He had the foresight to see the possible catastrophic consequences of leaving Louisville for UT.. And probably the same could be said about Herman. I doubt he'd leave U of H to go to Texas for anything less than a 20 mill guaranty. If Strong leaves, it's going to cost a sh** load of guaranteed money to persuade another top of the line coach to come in and right the ship.
  12. Charlie knows his $15 mill ain't going nowhere (but in his pocket). And he'll be picking up his checks in Austin for at least one more year. I believe we're going to be pleased with this recruiting class by the time it's finished.
  13. I use Chrome with free version of ad block, and it couldn't be better (or easier).
  14. Congratulations. You have reason to be proud.
  15. I saw this game description yesterday in the Victoria Advocate...where the writer described the contest (volleyball) between Victoria West and Mission Veteran's Memorial. It struck me as funny (and a lot of fun for the students involved) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Though not in the box score, the Veterans Memorial student section of roughly 60 students did its best to make Tuesday feel like a road game for West, hounding the Warriors with quick chants of "you-messed-up, you-messed-up" after every error.
  16. I'm quite certain this is true, but it's not very hard to rate a player without ever seeing him play. If he has offers from Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Miamai and Florida State.....you can pretty much bet that he can play. Used to be that an offer from Texas was worth about a 1/2 star bump. I don't have facts, but I've always believed that Rivals used the "who offered him" system as a big factor in determing star ratings.
  17. I understand the criticism of Marcus Johnson....and without question..his first drop should have been caught. But on his 2nd drop, it looked to me that the defensive back grabbed one of his arms prior to the ball getting there, and pulled it far enough to prevent Marcus from getting both hands on the ball. In other words, on effort no. 2, Marcus would have needed a one handed catch in order to secure it. So, for me, I'm giving him a pass on his 2nd miss. I still think he's a weapon that can help us if we'll continue throwing to him.
  18. Except for the 2 or 3 "bomb" passes in the first half....much of the offense looked the same as it did against Iowa State...and were it not for the pitiful poor play from Kansas, the score would have likely been tied or something close to it at the end of the 1st half.. Then in the 2nd half, they FINALLY start throwing little slant passes over the middle, and letting Heard roll out and complete passes.....whole play calling scheme looked different in the 2nd half..AND Heard had ZERO trouble throwing those little short passes across the middle...and receivers had no problems catching. Heard went from whipped puppy look to having confidence of alpha dog..Why in the hell didn't they play call it last week like they did in the 2nd half this week. We'll see reality next week. At least I have something to look forward to.
  19. STP wasn't having a discussion with you. He was talking to SHL. There was nothing personal about the debate at all until you intervened. If it was your intent to help...you failed. Not one reason in the world that you should have addressed a comment to STP. Instead of trying to defned youself...you need to acknowledge you didn't handle it the right way and move on.
  20. Yep. That's pretty much what did it. And Blake, I'm still shaking my head about why you thought Street and SirHorn weren't on the same page. It seemed to me they were understanding each other perfectly...and Blake..you were the one not understanding. You had no business trying to referee that tift. SirHorn is WELL able to take care of himself. He's been through stuff a LOT worse than that little spat.
  21. Sure wish we could go back to the days when a 6-4-1 record would get you ranked as no.11 in the nation. But speaking of Rice, Baylor and SMU in the 50's...........they were a LONG way from being a gimme when you played them. I'm pretty sure most of you are too young to remember Frank Ryan, King Hill and Kosse Johnson. But I remember them well.
  22. I believe Royal was 6-4-1 in his first season followed by 7-3 in year 2. But more importantly, during those 2 years of 1957 and 1958, he recruited the players that made up the 1961 team...which many consider the best team ever to play for the University of Texas. And top notch recruiting classes became the norm for Royal.
  23. Matt---wanted you to know that you and your family are still in our prayers. We miss you.

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