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    Married, with wonderful wife and my girls.
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    Texas City
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    Fishing and Cook-Offs

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  1. Darrell is in good standing!!!
  2. Very good point!!! I believe next year's team is going to be GREAT!!! They are still so young and good.
  3. Anyone know of what channel? I have Comcast!!!
  4. I like were we are. The BIG 12 will come back. We have had a couple of bad years of playing as a whole and I want to give Coach Strong the chance to build his program here @ TEXAS!!!! Here is to a GREAT 2014!!!
  5. DizzG- Any word on who might come to Texas with Strong?
  6. I met Steve years ago and He is and will Do Good Things @ Texas. Give the man some time. What if Saban just told us No and what would we have done or the others who might have wanted it but didn't want to interview or what ever reason. Me and You don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Please, don't take this as a shot at you. I just know Steve and he will do good.
  7. I believe your right! Mack has let the game pass him up. It appears Strong has the "A" game. We just need to give him time!!!
  8. E, I got NO clue who he brings but, I hope it is BAD TO THE BONE!!! Recruits I don't believe anyone this year but, give him 2014 to make his mark. I believe with the current 2015 class and what he recruits we can excel. Thanks!!!

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