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  1. I agree. This team will be much better by the end of the year, and, with another good recruiting class, will be much better next year. Many very good freshman players on the team and you can expect several freshmen starters next year if CS recruits like he did last year.. Rebuilding Texas was/is, IMO, going to be a 3-4 year project.
  2. JMO, I would rather join the ACC than the PAC 12.
  3. Mack is all over the place. By next week, he will have changed his mind again.
  4. It boggles the mind to think so many felt this year would be as good or better as last year. Same team, mosly the same players, with the exception that Case McCoy won a couple of games last year that Texas probably shouldn't have. After CS ran off several players(needed to be done), the loss of David Ash, and the sorry OL, 6-6 was the best outcome this year, IMO. I think next year will be somewhat better, with 9-3 possible. 7-5 or 8-4 more likely. It depends on the VAST improvement of the OL and finding a decent QB. My $.02.
  5. Thought you were long gone from Horn Sports.
  6. I seriously doubt McPhaul has read it. This is one of the best Burnt Ends I've read. But it's not quite as good as what McPhaul posted. Just my opinion, of course. Just saw that McPhaul posted here a minute or two ago. Didn't think he had anything to do with this board.
  7. Damn, give the man a chance to coach a game or 3 before crucifying him! Strong's recruiting has not been exceptional, but it is no worse than Mack Brown did over the last 3-4 years. Mack got the 4 & 5 star players, but many of them did not fit the offense Texas was running. How many times over the last 5-6 years have you heard people bitching that Texas has not been developing the talent they had? Strong had 2 & 3 star talent for the most part at Louisville, and they would have kicked the shit out of Texas last year. Coach Strong wasn't my first choice as the HC at Texas, but he deserves at least a full season to show what he can do. My guess is Texas will be a much better team than they were last year or the start of this year.
  8. Stopped reading when he said "moved to Wicker Park, Chicago."
  9. It's Thursday, 11:48 PM, if you're going to get it out, you better be quick about it.
  10. I'm hoping either Ash or Swoopes takes control of the offense, IMHO, Heard needs to redshirt his freshman year.
  11. I've always thought Vahe would eventually switch to LSU to play with his cousins, but I sure hope he stays.
  12. Good luck to Brandon, hope he has a successful football career.
  13. Glad to hear the Lady Horns won the game, hope they win 5 more.
  14. Not bad, BevoBlake. I'm like Jim's Texas, I prefer the traditional uniforms, but your designs are pretty good. Maybe updated burnt orange pants with the white jerseys and white or burnt orange helmet.
  15. Always nice to see a legacy get to continue the tradition at Texas. Too bad he didn't get to come out of HS.
  16. I think that is obvious---- Watson. He will be JAG without a good QB.
  17. He sucked at Washington, don't want him at Texas. I would rather have Watson, and he is terrible.
  18. Sure would please many posters on this board and TOS.

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