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  1. I think your guy has things backwards with Lville and OU. OU I thought was a HUGE champion of Lville because OU's school president David Boren is really good friends with Kentucky Mitch McConnell. I thought OU lobbied for Lville but UT wanted WVU.
  2. The Big 12 actually helped Swofford and the ACC design the GOR document. I think you can find the Big 12's online somewhere. It's four pages and very basic. IE ambiguous. It pretty much invites lawyers to challenge it and spend a ridiculous amount of time and money trying to find ways out of it. To date, no school has left a conference that had a GOR in place so there's no precedent of how easy or difficult this actually is. Also, contrary to popular belief, there are no "clauses" or special provisions that allow UT an easy "out". I've read blogs and posts from attorney's discussing the GOR and it's as close to ironclad as you can get in regards to conference affiliation scenarios. The majority of the case history re GOR's are in the music and entertainment history with the significant majority of the case history favoring the rights holder. For example, Warner Brothers owns the rights to the Carlton Dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The actor cannot make money off his signature dance b/c WB owns the rights. Stuff like that.
  3. Gtech would laugh the Big 12 out of the room in this scenario. Put yourself in the shoes of the President or Regent at Gtech. How the HELL are you going to sell a move to the Big 12?!? Especially if presidents and Regents from other ACC schools start leaning on you to stay. Gtech to the Big 12 is a pipe dream IMO.
  4. I wonder if the Maryland exit fee settlement will spur another conversation. FSU was a faint possibility but Clemson I think is a total longshot. They might have one or two important people unhappy in the ACC but the significant majority of Clemson stakeholders, Regents, Big Cigars etc, LOVE the ACC. It's tradition and comforting for them. Everyone knows the ACC has it's weak points (TV contract, schedule, ran by UNC and Duke) but not enough to get up and leave the conference. Notre Dame being brought into the fold was the saving grace.
  5. Disagree. It was time for a change of scenery IMO.
  6. This has been an adventure with Captaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain Obvious!
  7. Been doing crossfit for three years. In my first nine months I dropped about 40-45 pounds. Ate strict paleo diet and worked out three to four times a week. The past four to five months have been tougher for me to keep up with crossfit. I think a combo of getting burned out and wear and tear over three years is catching up.
  8. Glad the team is doing well and winning some games. However, for me, it's all about March. If we go one and done or two and BBQ, none of this will mean much. At least to me. I'm a fringe CBB fan.
  9. Can you share anything compelling about conference affiliation in the next few years? The Big 12 sucks!
  10. Never said I talked to him. Said you should HEAR what Harsin said about Chambers. My buddy helped Harsin inside Belmont on all kinds of issues. Camps, admin stuff, football camp organization, stuff like that. I know what I know and I'll leave it at that.
  11. Sorry but those guys are going to be left holding the bag again. I don't know how their sources can do this to themselves time after time.
  12. I know. My response post was ill conceived. I wasn't trying to trash you. Just seems UT doesn't do "Behind the scenes" well at all. Over the last few months, it appears we are total amateurs at coaching changes. I guess thats what happens when you haven't made a coaching change in 16 years. When we do this again in three years, we should be more prepared!
  13. His recruiting prowess is overblown. His track record as an actual COACH at Texas is dreadful. The guy has seriously failed in every metric possible when one evaluates the "coaching" profession. From talent identification, to development, to on field production the guy is an absolute zero. You should ask Bryan Harsin what he thinks of Chambers. There are dozens of guys out there with as good or better relevant recruiting connections in Dallas. You simply can't spin this guy in any way, shape or form. This isn't 1998 where Chambers was winning games at Dallas Carter. Speak to HS coaches around the state specifically about Chambers and you will get a very underwhelming response.
  14. Man I would love for anything you or JS write to actually come to fruition in some capacity.

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