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  1. WHo cares! I have Aggie friends but why make this post. No one on this board really cares. Maybe they do but I do not know why. We care about Texas!!!! We are TExas!!!!!!Bring on the Aggies
  2. Sorry. Saw the post that McPhaul was boozing yesterday but still doe not explain the XFire that was to be posted today.
  3. Am I missing something? Saw it would be posted this afternoon. Then I saw the post where McPhaul is boozing. Has it come out? I am boozing too so I dont throw stones but maybe I am missing something.
  4. Ladies I for one am so fired up with what is happening. We can complain about hires, etc but from what I have seen we are about to become a hard nosed, tough football team. I also thinK we will see a variation of the Okie Light system with Wickline at the healm. I was, as like many of you, nervous when the staff was hired because of the lack of "splash" names but if you watched the CS press conference you have to like what you see. AT the end of the day, talent wins but you have to have accountability, the coach who makes you work hard, the coach who makes you a team. My dad was a coach in El paso for 40 years at the varsity high school basketball level and he finished his career as a golf coach for 20 years. Think about a few things. Golf teams in El paso? How can they possibly be any good? Well, I can say that his teams went to the state 5A golf championship 9 times. His team set a state tourney record for lowest score for 5A in 1996 and a state championship. My team finished second at state my senior year. THe point is that even though he is not a great golfer, he made us work harder than anyone. He beat us down and brought us back up. He demanded excellence, practice, mental preparedness and because of this, even though we were a lonely team from El Paso, we feared noone. We did have some nice talent all those years and he always said I am a much better coach when I have talent but I can take mediocre talent and make them good and more than anything else, make them believe in themselves. This is what I think CS brings to the table. Not comparing the two but I think a team revolves around a few things. Talent, toughness, accountability. We have lacked the last two for quite some time. Footbal is about execution and not a spread vs pro style. If players buy in, work hard and fight as a team, I dont care what scheme you have, you will be successful. Sorry for the rant, but I am fired up with CS and what he is bringing. It may take another year for him to get going but he is what we have needed and the staff he brought will make it happen. Thoughts?
  5. Interesting. Flight from Austin to Tuscaloosa today.
  6. Four eye will announce to bama and shocking the world. He was a lock for Lsu. Saban is staying. With tony brown as well, he ain't going anywhere
  7. I have no idea whose sources are whose but to be so completely opposite is strange. These sources are getting their information from someone and I have to believe that all these sources are somewhat connected to what is actually going on. I hope IT and HS are right as I want CNS and I love the tidbits etc so I will not be pissed if one is right and one is wrong, just find it strange that the information is so different.
  8. Quick question. How can OB's be so confident that Saban is 100% out of play but IT and HS say he is in play? Obviously different sources but you would think that sources would not be polar opposite with information. I would at least think IT and HS would say 50-75% in play and OB could say they have heard but maybe not as confident. THey are pretty adament that the ship has sailed on CNS. Not trying to stir the pot but maybe someone can enlighten me on how these sources information is so vastly different.
  9. I agree with MBHORN. if he was not interested then just get on with it. Why would he not tell Patterson so we could move on. Maybe that is why Patterson is working the phone and interview lines. Maybe Saban told him "no" but noone else and thus we have moved on. I just cannot believe that if he were not in play that he would have not said anything. I have never been hired for 8 million but if I was comfortable in my job and I didnt want this job, I would have said no a long time ago and moved on. Wierd stuff to say the least. MAybe Chip and OB's are on to something and he is truly not in play. WHo knows?
  10. Where are you? We need some scoop. All I have heard today from OB is a million different candidates and no mention of Saban. IT has not reported anything today. HS either. Maybe there is no news but man was today a let down in terms of news. Guess we have to wait till it hits ESPN and the press conference is arranged with whoever it may be. I will be here waiting!!
  11. Sell me on him? I thought Patterson said the person needed college coaching experience because the demands are so much different and its all about recruiting.Is John someone we want? He did win a Super bowl which is pretty damn impressive but does this translate to success at the college level? I want Saban but lots of smoke about Harbaugh. Thoughts?
  12. Fascinating! At the end of the day it has to be Strong or Franklin. I cant see Saban leaving. I cant see Fisher leaving. I hope I am wrong. Everyday I hope for some positive news and SirHorn etc are delivering what they hear which is good but until it is done I see Strong as our next ball coach. Where has Shaunsters been? Would love to hear what the latest is from his end?

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