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  1. 1) Has there been any progress on the SEZ expansion or with the disney consultants? 2) What does the staff currently feel are the team's relative strengths/weaknesses
  2. I'm not in that world and i have no idea. I'll have to take your word for it
  3. I honestly dont think the education offered at atm is very worthwhile except for in agriculture and in veterinary sciences. I think aggy is much closer in education to tx st than to ut. But that's just me.
  4. The two are not close. Get over it aggy, a degree from your school is worth about as much as a ged
  5. Seems like it would be pretty easy to never make it down there. I graduated from ut and ive only been to two games. Time and $ constraints
  6. Playing well this season and getting that dammed bad taste out of our mouths will do wonders for recruiting
  7. Screw the ags the best thing to do is to not see them. We need to focus on what we're doing. The ags will implode, it's what they do. Monarch- I'm not sure why you choose the writing style you do but it doesn't help you get your point across, at least not to me.
  8. Shuttle time showed manziels quickness. I bet his 3 cone drill was good as well. Manziel is also much stronger than a person might suspect. I can think of a number of times when he trucked dbs/lbers. A bunch of times where the dude that hit him got hurt and manziel hopped up just fine. I was always surprised at his strength when watching him. He still has a weak nfl arm anf every time i saw him throw it 30+ yds they were basically case mccoy style flutters which wont work on the nfl everytime i saw him scramble he would hold the vall away from his body with a one handed grip, that will be a turnover every time in the league. I never saw him read a d because he was always running after the first read or when he felt pressure, whichever came first.
  9. Well that said a whole lot of nothing
  10. Manziel should be no higher than a 4th rounder. He has a weak arm, doesn't know how to read defenses, and is turnover prone. I'll be surprised if actual paid scouts think he's worth a top 15 pick
  11. I guess I disagree. A lot of things happen that can't be proven and this is a message board and not a court of law so it's fair game to point out the obvious even if it can't be 'backed up'
  12. Delivering 9 10 win seasons, a national championship and going 3/3 in bcs victories let mb stick around for four years with 8 win sessions. Ur ags have won nothing, are selling themselves down the river, and will probably be exploited to cause the demise of the sec.

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