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  1. I like this class .... he came in a short time ago and filled some needs. He didn't feel he had to make a big splash ..... 2018 is his focus
  2. I'm afraid the pass happy Big 12 is going to give us problems all season.... Afraid he will become the scape goat before season is over. Must remember.... Still very young!
  3. I'm not for replacing Coach Strong.....but if it were to happen..... Chip would be a great hire..... Top college coach running the spread..... Great fit.
  4. Who is the favorite at this early time in the process?
  5. Totally agree..... The biggest disappointed was offensively, nothing changed. No improvement anywhere..... I believe this weeks Rice game will tell the tale as to where we are. Against ND it could be argued, we we outmatched because of our talent level and youth. Against Rice, I wouldn't think those two points to be a factor... It's going to take some time, But I also believe..... Charlie's the one to do it.... He may need to evaluate the entire staff and make some tough decisions at years end. Hoping for a better showing Saturday...
  6. I was wrong..... Been traveling a few days.... Lot of reading time..... I still believe Strong and Smart can get it done..... After many articles, I've decided Patterson may be more interested in the $$$$ than winning. What I read (mostly blogs) and other sites, it seems he is not is interested in working with Coaches to build a Championship program, but more interested in everyone knowing he is in charge.
  7. I'm not certain what others think...... It just seems many are so critical of everything Coach Strong does....
  8. Steve Patterson, Charlie Strong, and Shaka Smart. I know many of you disagree with Patterson, but he did what he had to do. Neither Mack or Barnes accepted where they were in their respective programs. Both were ambassadors for the University and were to be acknowledged for their contributions. However, if a change was inevitable, both could have gone a bit easier. Pattersons job was to make some changes and get UT back on top. The quality of coaches he brought in is topnotch and will prove eventually to lead to great things. Stop being so concerned about recruiting...... We will have the players, it's the discipline we've lacked...... Thanks to Coach Mack and Coach Barnes, but it's time to move on and support what we have..... HOOKEM ...... Looking to great things ahead.!
  9. MKD

    Paul F

    As well as Brian Williams....
  10. To Jim Harbaugh... “In case Jim Harbaugh is watching, I am Paul Finebaum. I host a daily program here that’s heard both on radio and television,†said Finebaum. “I just want to make sure he understood, because during my traveling yesterday I discovered through the media that the great coach from the University of Michigan was asked about this program Friday when he was in Prattville, Alabama and he didn’t know who we were. So, this is who we are, coach, and I’m sure you’ll be watching plenty of the SEC Network and watching the Finebaum Show because THIS is where the players are, of course.â€
  11. Shaka Smart..... If we can't have the group you listed..... BCG would do well here......
  12. I don't believe Coach Barnes will be fired.... Too much respect for his contribution to the university. He brought us to the national level, he's just been unable to finish the task. I wouldn't be surprised to see him step down..... After some closed door talks..... He may get another year however...... That's why I rated it at 50/50.,,,,
  13. Coach has been good for the University... I know he's had a rough couple years and I know there have been a few wanting a change.... My question to the board.... If you had to put a percentage on his chance of returning..... And a list of replacement possibilities.... Where would you fall? I give it 50/50 and a list of 1. Shaka Smart 2. Brad Stevens My first choice..... Izzo
  14. What names come to mind as an upgrade.... Wish Coach Rumph Good luck... Any thoughts on who we go after?
  15. Don't Panic .... Class is solid and looks to improve by NSD. JH is capable of doing this..... Think about it... Ags are happy they were able to convince a lifetime Aggie to commit. No inside info.... My guess... He's going baseball and decided to commit Aggie to help recruiting.... He's a backup or they have a QB controversy...... We will be fine.... Finish the haul... "Let's Ride"
  16. I see skilled athletes at every position..... I'm not actually a fan of the star system as I don't believe it is the tell all..... If we developed our own, I feel we are four and five star at the skill positions.... With that being said, can our offensive line become the beast we need? The line we have appears to be for a spread type offense..... Is the spread coming? Can we dominate and play ball control with what we have and what we have coming? Let's Ride!
  17. I know he's a player..... I get that.... Personally I'm tired of .... I'm coming.....I'm not, I'll consider it.... I waiting.... At this point, stop saving a scholarship in case he changes his mind.... Use it on someone on wants it..... The kid ends to do what's best for him and e need to move on..... Jmo..... Let's Ride
  18. I know he's a player..... I get that.... Personally I'm tired of .... I'm coming.....I'm not, I'll consider it.... I waiting.... At this point, stop saving a scholarship in case he changes his mind.... Use it on someone on wants it..... The kid ends to do what's best for him and e need to move on..... Jmo..... Let's Ride
  19. Is it Foreman.... Or is he coming? Seems we never went deep..... Dependable receivers are needed, but we need that special burst occasionally.
  20. MKD


    Just saying..... Demarco Murray was okay..... Now he's a beast..... Do the math....
  21. MKD


    What I wonder..... I hear Riichmond, Vahe, Perkins, Harrison, all solid linemen..... So get Richmond and one more along another offseason.... We should be much improved....
  22. MKD


    Adding Vahe and possibly Ricmond.....could be a real upgrade according to the board...
  23. MKD


    What about the big O lineman suspended all year..... If he has his act together..... Upgrade at tackle?
  24. Whisenant.... I thought they only had 5 more.

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