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  1. Good luck Jaylen and all the best at Bama. We hopefully will see you on the field sooner rather than later.
  2. Every player in the nation at this point is "unsigned." Signing day is not until December. This is what kills me about a lot of fans and recruiting gurus. A verbal commitment does not mean diddly. Players commit, then de-commit regularly. Just like our recruitment of Anthony Hill in this thread. You keep crootin' til the ink is dry on the letter.
  3. Sunday thots Ags are staring down the barrel of a 2-7, 3-6 start to the season looking at their upcoming schedule. With Quinn out for 4-6 weeks, we may not fare a lot better. Hopefully he's back quicker than expected. We need him for the OU game. Evans will be a Horn next season. Are the Brocks a take if they hit the portal? How much does Mathis regret that Nebraska decision now? The missed safety/sack was big yesterday, but I thought a huge missed call was the no facemask call on Keilan Robinson on the final drive. They pulled his helmet halfway around. That Pfoul would have moved the ball to the 10 with a first down. Instead we had 2nd and 5 at the 20. Bijan gained 1 on 2nd down, then Card got sacked and forced the FG. Hook 'em and OU still sucks.
  4. Drops ABSOLUTELY count on the QB's stats as an incomplete pass. But I'm not banging on Worthy as that pass he caught later with his helmet being almost yanked off his head was a helluva catch. Deep balls, even when they go incomplete, are statements to the defense that we are going to take our shots. I applaud Sark for that because it does open things up. Bottom line is that in order to beat Bama, you have to get 6's and not 3's. I thought the no call when Robinson (the other Robinson, not Bijan) clearly had his facemask yanked on the final drive was huge. It's first-and-goal inside the 10 instead of second and five from the 18. We may not score 6 on that drive, but maybe we do and Bama then has to get a TD for the win. This officiating crew was pretty terrible even with Bama getting flagged 13-14 times.
  5. Like that deep ball that hit Worthy in the chest in the end zone? The majority of the Texas O-line is exactly 3.5 months out of high school. Just exactly how would you have game-planned for Bama with a young O-line? The short passing game was working exceptionally well until Ewers went out.
  6. Why would you not like him heading to Austin?
  7. You can say what you want about Lane Kiffin, but he was spot-on with his assessment. How is a team that was 4th in the SEC West, has zero football pedigree, a coach with questionable morals, and a sh$# hole of a college campus get the No. 1 recruiting class in the history of ever? It ain't that hard to figure out. Aggieland is ripe for a Netflix Last Chance U series. And IMO, even with the class they paid fo ... I mean recruited ... they still won't win jack.
  8. Having a fully healthy Earl would help any coach. Just sayin ...
  9. What's the over-under on how many pounds of brisket these guys consumed? You get a half a cow, and you get a half a cow, and you get a half of cow. I bet they create a helluva tidal wave in the pool, too!
  10. Mike Singletary Football coach Description Michael Singletary, also known by his nickname Samurai Mike, is an American professional football coach and former player. Wikipedia Born: October 9, 1958 (age 63 years), Houston, TX Height: 5′ 11″ Spouse: Kim Singletary (m. 1984) Team: Alliance Memphis Past teams coached: San Francisco 49ers Children: Jill Singletary, Matt Singletary, Jackie Singletary, John Singletary, Becky Singletary, Brooke Singletary, Kristen Singletary
  11. Mike Singletary was 5-10ish and every inch of that dude was bad mofo.
  12. Pot meet kettle. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2022/05/18/nick-saban-accuses-texas-a-m-of-buying-entire-2022-recruiting-class?ref=article_preview_title&fbclid=IwAR3yiF6CJh56mI1i9mYIy-75yd5JRnNLwmN-KGyrb27Kwgc0k4Zx3-8nad0
  13. Let me correct that: Former USC/Texas/USC WR Bru McCoy.
  14. He lamented the fact that several of the schools he visited did not have any football trophies, only swim or whatever. Yet in his list of final 5, only Florida would have any recent championship trophies. Notably absent from his final list are Alabama, LSU and Clemson -- schools that have multiple more recent championships. And if trophies are important to him, why is Jackson State on his list, unless winning a SWAC title is his ultimate goal.
  15. I'll be shocked if Mims doesn't go to Arkansas, but Texas' taking care of its OL through NIL money could be a factor.

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