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  1. Should provide a nice compliment to Xavier with the new TE taking care of the intermediate routes. Then you throw in the 3-4 plays from JWhit before he gets hurt again, and our offense looks a lot more legit. I kid, I kid. Well, except for the JWhit part because we all know that's true. Making a bold statement here, and remember you heard it here first ... WE WILL BEAT BAMA IN WEEK 2!!!
  2. Latavious Brini will visit Arkansas per sources.
  3. Better to swing and miss than watch a third strike down the pipe. Keep swinging and eventually you'll connect.
  4. Hornsby should strongly consider a move to WR, if he wants to play football at the next level. He has elite speed, but bargain-basement arm. Hogs need to find a way to get him on the field more. He will go into spring as QB2, but he will be pushed hard. Interesting that Pittman had a zero tolerance portal policy, but he's apparently backed off that now.
  5. Interesting read. https://brobible.com/sports/article/texas-am-recruiting-class-nil-money/?fbclid=IwAR2ZT9zWskeHSPOq2IJE8HU1TX9WCQ0WH0oB9495ts1ufw7bxYRHeRMZFIU
  6. I've been a sports writer for a lot of years, covering the SEC since 2004. Several years ago you could see this coming. College football as we've known it is going to end, and the NCAA will end with it. Super conferences like what the SEC is building will rule the landscape, and I don't think the SEC is done with adding teams. College football will be run like the NFL with its own commissioners, etc. I also think the bowls as we have known them for 100 years will ultimately end and there will be an NFL style playoff format. This will put an end to the opt-outs. If you are a college football purist, this is going to be a tough time. Money rules everything and ESPN is the driving force behind what we're seeing, just like ESPN was the driving force behind Texas and OU moving to the SEC. It was an either jump on the train or get left at the station thing for them.
  7. This is not Jalen. It's his brother.
  8. Would he? Hmm. I don't think so. I would imagine if we wanted him, he'd be able to find a place he can afford with no problem.
  9. If all it takes is 8 wins, at least the bar is not too high. I think the bigger pull is SEC vs. Big 12. Best players want to play against the best, and that's SEC. We should pay our exit fee and go ahead. OU can stay in the B12 until the grant of rights ends. But I guess we are locked at the hip with them.
  10. Bo Nix is headed to UCF with Gus Malzahn. Rattler is an idiot to go to South Carolina. He should have gone to Ole Miss.
  11. What is the third team he left? SC and Ohio State. Did I miss one?
  12. IMO, this is Sark's UT coaching career hanging in the balance with Ewers. He is a generational quarterback who can lead Texas back to prominence. If Sark can reel in Ewers, it could be the beginning of the climb back. If can't get Ewers in the portal, Sark's career here will be short. IMO that is how important this is.
  13. We are going to play the first 9-2 defense in history.
  14. Yep. I've heard the same thing here in NW Arkansas from those in the know.
  15. I said it with Blue and I say it again, this is a slippery slope. There is no way Texas High School Coaches Association can be for kids leaving and skipping their senior seasons. If I'm little Dodge at SLC, I would not want Ohio State ever on my campus again. Basically this just torpedoed SLC's season. This is an issue that the NCAA needs to address.

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