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  1. We are going to play the first 9-2 defense in history.
  2. Yep. I've heard the same thing here in NW Arkansas from those in the know.
  3. I said it with Blue and I say it again, this is a slippery slope. There is no way Texas High School Coaches Association can be for kids leaving and skipping their senior seasons. If I'm little Dodge at SLC, I would not want Ohio State ever on my campus again. Basically this just torpedoed SLC's season. This is an issue that the NCAA needs to address.
  4. A kid from Teneha ... let's see how it goes in Ann Arbor.
  5. Chris #$#$$$#% Beard is straight killing it. Mercy! Are we about to become a "basketball school?" I was super pissed when we chose to go with Shaka for another year instead of hiring Buzz Williams. Now ... I'm thankful.
  6. These specialists may not all be on scholarships.
  7. Ewers can't beat Austin Westlake, Maybe he needs to focus on that and not on why he's choosing to leave his state to play. Good luck to him. I like the guy we got who can fling it 80 yards, and hopefully a Manning in our future.
  8. We now have the RBs that will attract the highest level OL guys. Great O-Linemen want to block for great RBs because the better the RBs do, the higher an OL's draft stock rises. And now that we finally have hired and are paying an elite OL coach, this is about to get real.
  9. Is this the kid who bailed on his commitment after Ewers de-committed in October?
  10. I love the recruiting on a national level. Obviously I want us to dominate Texas recruiting, but if a kid from Alaska can ball-out, I want him, too. Errrrrbody. Kids from Texas need to grab on or that train will wizz on by. We ain't hitting the brakes.
  11. Yes, but I can't remember. Was that a game Florida wanted to play or not. They don't count the games if Florida doesn't want to play, like the bowl game vs. OU. It can be a little confusing.
  12. He is a bad, bad man. Dear baby Jesus please let this happen.
  13. Milwee was at Arkansas State, but he is the new QBs coach at Texas, right?
  14. I think we're going to hit the portal and grad transfer market hard with our 2021 class sort of meh. We have a ton of holes to fill and if Ingram does indeed transfer, we need to add an experienced RB to the room.

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