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  1. He's not bringing his staff. Will probably bring Bedford as his DC and his LB coach and strength coach. I would have to think that he would bring in an entirely new offensive staff.
  2. Because he's not a good DC? The only way I want him as DC is if I knew Strong was going to be running the defense. If not give me someone who has actually been successful as a DC before. Unless Gregg Williams is coming with him no thanks.
  3. He needs to do something with the Texas High School Coaches Association. Not sure what, but make some kind of contact with them.
  4. Give me a guy who's focused on Xs and Os and winning over someone who's good in front of a camera.
  5. I'd wait for Hurdt. Find a way for him and Orgeron and Brewster to be on the staff and let's roll.
  6. I just hope he isn't waiting for the Miami job. I think he's our next coach in the end.
  7. Well of course I spend 30 minutes writing this thing up and then its coming out that maybe Strong is having reservations.
  8. Charlie Strong is our next head football coach. After all the gnashing of teeth and angst amongst the Texas football universe about who was going to replace Mack, the decision has been made, for better or for worse. When the hire started to trickle out last night it was late and I was getting ready for bed and was not very happy. Nothing against Charlie Strong, but I wanted Saban or Fisher or Harbaugh or Gruden. I thought we should make those guys say no before moving on. Patterson thought otherwise. There's a reason why he's being paid $1.5 million a year to make decisions like this and I'm a moderator on Hornsports.com. I did not want to say much last night because I was tired and I did not want to say anything until thinking more about it for fear of being too critical or too harsh. I'm ready to talk this morning. -- Charlie Strong is as good of a defensive coach that we have had on the 40 Acres. He's on par with guys like Robinson and Muschamp and Chizik. Without question. In a conference where defense seems to be an afterthought on a lot of teams, we just hired a guy who steps into the Big 12 and is probably right there with Patterson and Stoops as the pre-eminent defensive minds in the conference. For comparison sake, in 2008 WM's defense allowed 35 points to OU in a game we won 45-35. In the national title game that season, Strong's UF defense held that same offense to 14 points. We held them below their season average by nearly 2 TDs, but Strong's unit was 3 TDs better than us! -- One of the biggest needs that many of us wanted in this hire was an Xs and Os coach. The guy we were all wanting was Saban, who's a defensive Xs and Os coach. Strong is without a doubt an excellent Xs and Os coach on the defensive side of the ball. You KNOW that side of the ball is going to be in good shape moving forward. This isn't a CEO-type coaching hire like the guy we are replacing. This team needs an identity and we just hired a guy who's teams play with an identity. -- People wanted culture change. We just got culture change. Gone are the days of Mack and his staff coddling the players. The country club atmosphere just vanished. Accountability and toughness are the names of the game now. Maybe Strong isn't Saban in this regard, but he's on the opposite end of the spectrum than Mack. And that's a good thing in my opinion. -- Charlie Strong did not get a head coaching job for years when it was obvious that he was one of the top defensive coordinators in the country. And when he did get one, he had to go to a place like Louisville. Not a terrible job, but it's not what he probably deserved. Compare that to a guy like Kirby Smart who's been offered jobs at places like Ole Miss and Tennessee already. Strong is a guy who coaches with a chip on his shoulder and is out to prove everyone wrong. He just got what is one of the best jobs in college football. You don't think he's going to want to prove everyone wrong? Show all those schools who barely gave him a passing glance what they missed? Sure, Saban is a sure thing because of his track record, but Strong will be determined to be successful. There's a reason why he might have been the guy who politicked for the job the most. At the end of the day, give me the guy with something to prove and everything to lose over someone who might just be coaching for his legacy. -- Strong needs to go out and assemble the all star staff that he's promised Patterson. He needs to go hire some badass recruiters for the defensive side of the ball and a group of top notch coaches on the offensive side of the ball. Because of his ties and success on defense, I don't think the hires on that side will need to be as strong as the hires on the side of the ball that he is going to have less input on. Here's some names I'd like to take a look at: OC: Ed Herman, Ohio State -- Remember, Strong coached under Urban at Florida and won a pair of titles with him. Offering Herman the chance to be in complete control of the offense here is much different than what he has at OSU where a lot of people will think the offense is as much Meyer's as his own. Philip Montgomery, Baylor -- Same type scenario. Everyone thinks the Baylor offense is Briles. Give Montgomery a chance to step out of the shadow and prove he's an offensive genius like the coach he's worked under for years. Mike Locksley, Maryland -- Probably a longshot candidate and not the wow hire that most people would be looking for, but he has ties to Strong from Florida and is an amazing recruiter. Scott Loeffler, Virginia Tech -- Would want him more as a QB coach, but another guy with ties to Strong from their Florida days RB -- Larry Porter, Texas -- Another site has said that he and Strong have a good relationship. And looking at the production of our RBs this year and his recruiting prowess I think he'd be ok to stay. Stan Drayton, Ohio State -- A guy Strong has worked with previously. Probably doesn't want to leave Urban, but why not call and ask. WR -- Billy Gonzales, Mississippi State -- Worked with Strong at Florida and is now with Mullen at MSU. Strong recruiter and coach. Derek Dooley, Dallas Cowboys -- From the Saban tree, but is a very good assistant and ace recruiter for Saban's LSU squads Matt Lubick, Oregon -- Has been one of the top WR coaches and recruiters from when he was at Duke before being hired by Oregon. TE -- Derek Lewis, Florida -- Bring the kid back home. Strong recruiter and solid coach. Why wouldn't he want to leave that sinking ship? Tim Brewster, Florida State -- Bring the man home part two. The guy is as good of a recruiter as we've ever had. Oh and as a TE coach he developed some guy named Gates while in San Diego. Talk about solving our issues at that position… OL -- Stacy Searles, Texas -- I don't think the guy has done a back job whatsoever. He's taken a position of nothing and turned it into something. Almost like turning water into wine. Joe Wickline, Oklahoma State -- He's a guy that has been rumored for the job before and has never wanted to leave. Maybe his ties to Strong from their Florida days would make things different. Oh and he's a pretty darn good recruiter in East Texas. Bob Bostad, Tampa Bay -- A name we all remember from the Harsin coaching search that year. He's a badass OL coach. And with the staff change in TB might be looking for work. Give that guy a call in a heartbeat. Make him run game coordinator and OL coach and pay him. Adrian Klemm UCLA -- A strong OL coach and one of the top recruiters in the country. Coached at SMU before taking the UCLA job with Mora. Would be a great fit for that side of the ball. Total package guy. DC: Vance Bedford, Louisville -- Might come with Strong due to familiarity to Strong and Texas. Also spent a year as DC at Okla State. Ed Orgeron -- I'd prefer him to be a position coach and recruiting coordinator to be his titles, but if we need to make him some kind of co-DC with Strong as the actual DC that's fine too. He'd recruit like a madman and that's what I want. Greg Mattison, Michigan -- Worked as co-DC with Strong at Florida and has ties to the NFL. Would be a strong DC to work with Strong from a scheme standpoint. Doubt that he's much of an ace recruiter though. DJ Durkin, Florida -- Worked his way through the ranks starting with a position with Harbaugh at Stanford. Muschamp's right hand man and maybe his best recruiter. Not really going to go over a lot of position coaches because a lot of that will depend on who the DC is and what he coaches. Bedford would obviously coach DBs. Mattison and Orgeron would be DL type guys. We could hire someone with a LB background. Some names I'd want on that side of the ball: Giles, Clint Hurdt, Sal Sunseri and Travaris Robinson.
  9. Sometimes people get it right. Sometimes people get it wrong. It's the people who get it wrong and come back that I want to be associated with. Not the people who are only here when things are going good. I went to sleep early when it was going down that Strong was our guy. I wasn't excited and didn't want to let negative emotions come out. However after thinking about it, my thoughts are a lot different. First, I'm glad we got a defensive guy. And not just any defensive guy. One of the best defensive guys in the nation. A guy who's basically Bob Stoops as an assistant (or better) but has head coaching experience. If he can get our defense playing at the level that he had those Florida defenses going we will all be happy. Remember back in 2008 when muschamp's defense gave up 35 to the highest scoring offense in history at OU? Strongs outfit at Florida played that same squad and shut them down to 14 points. Second, despite being a defensive guy, he's a spread offense guy. He's not a guy who's going to rely on his defense and have an offense grind it out and control the clock. He wants his offense to attack and score. Very similar to what that Stoops guy has done at OU. That's very good IMO. Also, he's not going to meddle in the offense. Whoever is hired as the OC is going to be able to do what he wants. That will make the job super attractive. I'm going to wait and see what kind of assistants that Strong hires before making a decision. If he brings in his staff from Louisville consider me underwhelmed. If he brings in top assistants from around the country and state I'll be excited. The culture and the defense are going to be tough and hard nosed with Strong. Polar opposite of what it has been with Mack. That is a good start. Now let's go get the all star staff that he's promising and get to work.
  10. Al Golden is taking the Penn State job. I bet Strong is about to head to Miami.
  11. Smoke is that Golden has already been offered the PSU job. And most expect him to take it. I wouldn't be against Strong, but I think we can and will do better.
  12. With Bill O'Brien taking the Texans job and opening up Penn State, there's a lot of rumors about Al Golden possibly being a candidate for that job. If he were to take it, the strong choice for Miami would be Charlie Strong. That's what I'm reading at least. So if Strong is going to be our guy, there might be some reason to rush him a little bit. Not saying that he's our choice or not, but definitely worth keeping an eye on.
  13. Steg is a long time poster on various boards with a lot of ties in the DFW area.
  14. According to Steg, that plane has been to Nashville, Lexington, Baltimore and Bama since Christmas Eve.
  15. Worrying about aggy is fools gold. They just had the best player they will ever see and failed to win as much as a division title. 20-6 overall with losses to every team with a pulse that they played and not a sniff of a BCS game. That's the best they'll see. Literally the only game they've won of consequence was Alabama. And how many of those games would they have lost without Manziel? Alabama, LaTech and Ole Miss last year? Ole Miss and Duke this year? Take JFF off that team over the past two years and they have at least 5-6 more losses. That makes them a barely .500 team. Not worried. Sumlin isn't going to coach these guys up. He's going to put up numbers, but their defense is terrible and isn't getting any better. They just gave their in over his head DC a raise to $700K a year. As soon as we hire whoever we want things will go back to normal. Not to mention when they continue to get their ass beat by the good SEC teams.
  16. Man I remember how excited everyone was when we got Moynihan. I really think this team is going to be good. The pitching is there and if the hitting lives up to its potential we are going to be pretty salty. For Augie to keep his job he's going to need to make it to the CWS IMO.
  17. There are probably a few USC commits that Oregeron recruited himself and has solid relationships with from his time there. Remember, he has been as assistant and their lead recruiter for a couple of years now before he got the interim gig. He probably is pretty close with just about all of their commits and it wouldn't surprise me if he was talking to some of them and they asked what he was going to do next.
  18. Saban until I hear otherwise. Might change tomorrow, but as of now I'm sticking with him.
  19. If I'm hiring Ed O, he's going to be Assistant HC/DL coach/Recruiting Coordinator. No chance at being the DC because he's never been one before and because I want him focusing more on recruiting than anything else. Plus with the additional titles you can pay him a lot more than if he were just the DL coach.
  20. The first thought that came to my head when Orgeron was mentioned was how perfect he'd be with a guy like Harbaugh. The biggest question you have regarding a guy like Harbaugh is recruiting. So why not go out and hire what might be the best recruiter in the country to help him learn the ropes? Not to mention the fact that Ed O is a pretty damn good defensive line coach in his own right. And if you want someone that is completely opposite of the Mack Brown type of coach, Ed O is that guy. Mack would have never hired someone like that on the staff. I'd literally hire Ed O right now even if we didn't have a coach lined up. That's how highly thought of that he is when it comes to recruiting and coaching the d-line.
  21. Those were the BMDs who were behind the original meeting a year ago and wanted Saban so bad a couple of weeks ago. Remember, Hicks is also on the Board of Regents and is one of the guys keeping Powers in his job. So he has a TON of power.
  22. Orgeron has never been a defensive coordinator in his life. If he's truly being interviewed it's more than likely as as DL coach/Assistant HC/Recruiting coordinator role. No way you give him the DC title for the first time in his career at a place like Texas. I think he'd be a perfect hire for an NFL guy like Harbaugh who isn't adept at recruiting. Why not hire the best recruiter in the country to come in and help you learn the ropes?
  23. It's mind numbingly stupid at how we allowed aggy to control the dialogue on their way out the door. Another funny factor is that aggy left kicking and screaming because of the unequal revenue sharing that existed in the Big 12. Of course it wasn't an issue when they were on TV every week and one of the schools benefitting from the money so much. Nor the fact that I believe they were one of the schools who pushed for it the most during the formation of the Big 12 if my memory serves me correctly. The lack of rebuttal from our athletic department and university was just appalling to me. And still is.
  24. We better get told no by Saban, Fisher, John Harbaugh and Gruden before settling for Briles. I'm making the assumption that guys like Jim Harbaugh, Shaw and Meyer have already told us no. Now if Briles were to come and we were guaranteed to have Narduzzi or Pruitt or Mason from Stanford and give them full control of the defense I might be more welcoming to him. But that's asking a lot. What happens when one of those guys leaves and we have to find another DC? Are we going to make that hire for him too or let him go get someone like Bennett?

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