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  1. There are a lot of things that could happen not just with us, but with other schools around the country. It's so hard to predict how things will finish. Just trying to put together a possible list of what Texas ends up with was hard enough yesterday believing that Malik and DeAndre were going to commit elsewhere. And it's even more difficult now with all the momentum from their pledges. We're at 21 commits right now I believe. Burt is a soft at best, but let's assume he sticks. That means there are probably at most 10 spots available and probably not even that many. Guys we are looking pre
  2. The best thing is that it's a position that I'm not worried about. Wickline is a coach that has proven he can take OL and turn them into players whether they were highly recruited or not.
  3. To take this a step further, Bedford laid out the lack of development of defensive players under Sumlin dating back to his time at Houston through his time as the aggy HC. It's apparent that their plan of attack was to show Jefferson what he would be stepping into if he went there using cold hard facts. It's one thing for a coach to sit there and say he's going to develop you better, but it's completely different when Bedford and to an even greater extent Strong can sit here and rattle off player after player after player that they have signed and developed into an NFL draft pick when thei
  4. There's no doubt in my mind that the SEC wants nothing to do with helping Texas. They have to protect their investment in aggy. There was no way that they were going to pit aggy against us in any bowl. aggy has way more to lose than we do in that situation. Right now they are still riding the wave of momentum from joining the SEC and JFF. Even though they struggled this year, they still have the upper hand when it comes to recruiting in this state. Losing the game to us would completely end that advantage. Beating them on the field would negate anything Sumlin says. He couldn't walk into a rec
  5. Shocking just because I didn't expect Houston to be able to go out and possibly get a guy like Muschamp. Usually they get solid coordinator's with ties to Texas. Guys like Tom Herman, who's also been rumored. This would be a great place for Muschamp to resurrect his career. Solid recruiting base and a relatively soft conference. Get a solid OC to come with him and open it up on that side of the ball and there ya go. He could be winning 10-11 games a year in short time and then get a better job from there. Remember, the last two coaches before Levine were Briles and Sumlin and both parlayed
  6. LB is a major concern. We lose pretty much all of our guys who played this season. Jinkens is the only guy returning who saw much time. Santos is back, but it doesn't look like the staff is too enamored by him. That's why guys like Kirkland and Cherry and Malik committing and enrolling early would be so crucial.
  7. If any of you have been on other sites I've been a part of I love to look at 2 years of classes together. It gives a good idea of what the team is going to look like in the future because after redshirts classes begin blending together. You can also foresee positions that could be a problem in the future due to a lack of activity or kids not making it. Quarterback Jerrod Heard (2014); Zack Gentry (2015) Thoughts: With the redshirt of Heard it's apparent that the staff is not going to rush a QB into playing just because. I did not list Merrick because I am counting him for the 2016 class
  8. There were a lot of things about the Big 12 voting that made you scratch your head. Brown not being DPOY I can slightly understand, even though I disagree, but not being the DL of the year was a joke. Hicks not being a 1st team LB despite Texas having the best defense in the league was a joke. John Harris not being a 1st or 2nd teamer was a joke. I'm not a big fan of the Big 12.
  9. What does everyone think of that? I've been pretty vocal in the past about how much I dislike Watson, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I wanted us to run an up-tempo, spread offense as bad as anyone, but after thinking about the coaches I wanted us to hire (Saban or Fisher), I guess I shouldn't pigeon hole us into a set offense. When I look at offenses with Wickline on the staff, they've been pretty darn effective in the past. A good to great OL makes the play caller's job a lot easier so if Wickline can turn our OL into the top notch group that he usually coaches I
  10. Mack is a guy that Texas needs to push for all season long. Rumph and Strong need to live in Gladewater. Not only is Mack one of the best DTs to come out of the state in a couple of years, but he's a Jake Raulerson type leader of the class. I don't think it's impossible to switch him, but we are going to need Strong to have a really good first year and aggy to drop off to have a chance IMO. The fact that we do have a new coaching staff has opened the door slightly. Had we kept Mack and the previous staff we would have had zero shot.
  11. We need depth at the QB position. Wittek was a very good recruit coming out of HS and would be a perfect guy to come in and challenge Ash and Swoopes for playing time. There are only 3 scholarship QBs on the roster right now, and one of them isn't even going to be able to participate in spring drills because he's in high school. Given Ash's concussion problems, completely relying on him is probably not the wisest of moves for the new staff and Swoopes might as well be a redshirt freshman for the lack of playing time he received last year. A guy like Wittek who has seen the field and been a

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