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  1. 1. ASU 2. Ole Miss 3. Texas 4. Free Shoes U 5. UCLA or USC
  2. UTK66 and a few others are correct, I was here very early on but I am failing to see the justification for $4.99 a month. If I am in that boat, I can't imagine new subscribers. You guys should take a look into the 24/7 model as far as VIP and non-VIP related post, they leave a lot more meat for a new user to see and get a feel for the website before actually subscribing. Good luck gentlemen.
  3. Don't care how much money we have, we are losing on the field and in recruits eyes.
  4. Koening visiting Friday, Joe is coming down for the weekend after the day. This one is as good as done.
  5. Wickline as OC. Either Groh, Koennig, or Joker as WR.
  6. TCU offered, borders still open.
  7. I cancelled 24/7, I got tired of Bobby being in Bellmont's pocket. Great business decision for him but I didn't like his filter and general condescending attitude about being first and time stamping every post. Left IT because the discussions there are god awful (it's like OB jr high), the way they shit all over SHA was disgusting and the mods didn't bat an eye. I'll keep OB just for the sake of discussion and HS because it has a lot of the old Guard of OB.
  8. Saw buddy Wyatt rumored for dl, god no.
  9. Come on D, the days of promising kids they're the only one at that position and a certain spot are over.
  10. Seems there are two per 24/7 Sorry, on mobile, two of our recruits looking around. I let my sub there lapse if anyone can provide the assist.
  11. While probably not as explosive, he's in the earl Thomas playmaker mold.
  12. Freeman needs to be a priority, perfect for the 3-3-5

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