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    I am the Sports Information Director at Trinity Valley Community College, where I have been employed for 4 1/2 years. Prior to that, I was as the Athens Daily Review for 27 years, spending the last 25 as Sports Editor.
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    Malakoff, TX
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    Golf, horse racing
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    Sports Information Director

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  1. Some of you are hoping against hope, but, that's OK, it's what fans do.
  2. More on DISH deal: ESPN and DISH (NASDAQ: DISH) have reached an agreement for DISH to carry Longhorn Network (LHN), the 24/7 channel devoted to the University of Texas, within the state of Texas and nationwide. The channel will be available to DISH customers in the America’s Top 120+ and higher packages nationwide later this summer. Details on LHN’s channel number will be available on http://www.dish.com at a later date.
  3. Karen Aston will get it done. Big believer in her.
  4. I don't think there is any fair way of answering the OP question until we see the finished product on the field this fall.
  5. We have no way or knowing if we het have an OC or not. We only know it hasnt' been announced.
  6. That's a classic first sentence, friend.
  7. LOL I hope "he" will make a great OC

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