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  1. how about the 2 Grads also = 10 plus your 2 that we know anything about =12
  2. Sirhornsalot: ......Maurice Washington........ keep this quite
  3. what and who are we talking about that he hate is Real for Herman ?? @drgilbert @Daniel Seahorn
  4. Jamison Tweet.....friend, same team...Cook plus Bimage Tweet on splash (Houston) or Brewster will be hired by Texas
  5. I do believe we won last night and I was proud of them all and we will get our marching orders Saturday and beat the hell out of them OU fu****S.!!!!!.....#Hook'em
  6. please let me know who is Kate and what does She or He do.?? Thanks
  7. Casey has a very "HIGH Football IQ" and has a very strong winning attitude........ #Hook'em
  8. "Leitao".....#Hook-em....# Boom....The Train!
  9. Herman is another DKR and all points are lining up for a 22 year stretch.
  10. Strong with 4th season and 2 year extension (no money Guarantee on the extra 2 years) If he gets to 8-4 and a Bowl win. Hire Hurtt
  11. Tom Herman is the right coach and lets sign him up.
  12. Hire Herman 8 days after Thanksgiving Day of 2016
  13. I do not believe any of this information will happen.......I really do believe
  14. OK, so now we can get down to the business of Texas Football....Hook'em
  15. well, looks like we have settled this crap...so now we can check out OU....Hook'em
  16. So you guys like giving rumors or not to Mr. Blue and his lawyers. Who are you people. You really do not know the "STORY"....what if Blue's lawyers use this shittttttt information from HornSports.....You guys are screwed up

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