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  1. how about the 2 Grads also = 10 plus your 2 that we know anything about =12
  2. Sirhornsalot: ......Maurice Washington........ keep this quite
  3. what and who are we talking about that he hate is Real for Herman ?? @drgilbert @Daniel Seahorn
  4. Jamison Tweet.....friend, same team...Cook plus Bimage Tweet on splash (Houston) or Brewster will be hired by Texas
  5. I do believe we won last night and I was proud of them all and we will get our marching orders Saturday and beat the hell out of them OU fu****S.!!!!!.....#Hook'em
  6. please let me know who is Kate and what does She or He do.?? Thanks
  7. Casey has a very "HIGH Football IQ" and has a very strong winning attitude........ #Hook'em
  8. "Leitao".....#Hook-em....# Boom....The Train!
  9. Herman is another DKR and all points are lining up for a 22 year stretch.

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