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  1. McPaul, what site can we find your insight being posted? OB?
  2. Well no more Crossfire, that totally sucks. I signed on for a year subscription, so I'm not bailing yet. Good thing football is around the corner, so you guys are on the clock!
  3. Ok, need my decoder ring to decipher this comment!!
  4. Sorry guys, a little bit and frustration and a lot of Shiner Bock didn't mix well yesterday eve. Hook'em!!!!
  5. Guys this really is becoming a joke. Week in and week out this gets moved so much it's ridiculous. I ponied up the membership fee for this insider info and felt like I've been sold a bill of goods. I not the one that usually bitches, but some consistency would be nice!
  6. Had season tickets since 1990, two tickets in Sect 2U. Still have those seats, but a couple of years ago added 4 seats in the Club section.
  7. Crossfire is kinda like a moving target. Consistency would be nice
  8. Without Crossfire this site has kinda gone Blah! Hoping it perks up some. Of course, this is coming from a lurker:o
  9. I own a precision CNC machine shop. Family owned business for 40 years. Energy is our main customer base, machining for the Cameron's, Schulmbergers and Baker's of the world.
  10. Where is the weekly edition of Cross Fire? Has it been discontinued and I miss the boat? Just wondering!
  11. Wanted Sabin, but Harbaugh is becoming more and more of what Texas needs. Can't go wrong with either. Just no Briles or Strong.

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