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  1. Hoekem

    Body Paint

    Hope this works... http://spikey.com/these-28-body-paint-girls-are-absolutely-amazing/
  2. So, he is basically saying we get to date the prettiest girl unless...someone better looking coming along. Boy, way to stick your neck out there.
  3. When I saw Bohls name and educated voter in the same paragraph I stopped. To top it off he was the one to say it.
  4. Never seen so many silver shield and shield less posters
  5. This "I like Coach Strong but..." guys the sh1t is getting old. He has been able to recruit for 2 weeks and you're ready to concede defeat? Get over your love of Mack and realize he handcuffed any coach that followed his pitiful act. Strong and no one else gets credited extra visits...that includes Saban, Fisher, Mazahn, etc... You wanted us to back Mack well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Get on board or shut up!!!
  6. I wonder if the people that love Mack no matter what are gonna feel the same about Coach Strong after 16 years or is this just a special kinda thing they hold onto dearly because it is MBTF?
  7. These type of admissions lead me to believe we truly have been Camp Cupcake the last 16 years.
  8. Definitely put China on my bucket list!!!
  9. Oops... http://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-places/
  10. Credit goes to darickc on OB, gorgeous pics...enjoy!!! http://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-places/
  11. Wonder how many HS Sophomores if asked would know what 27-25 means, my guess is NOT many. Hell, even the ones that do know probably don't give a sh1t. They know what ESPN is...Phillips 66 game of the week, not so much. As I stated above, beating them sorta nullifies the SEC talk. I bet if you ask our current team, I'd bet they would want to play 'em.
  12. Don't know if you're replying to me or not, but yeah in today's culture we do need to prove we are better. A lot of kids in Texas are not native Texans and have no ties to either program and they are brainwashed by ESPN. This is not 1980 anymore.
  13. The most used, not over used word in the 21st century is entitlement and I mean by a long ways. And not in a good way...maybe it should be a synonym of bum.
  14. Could be he is throwing the dogs off his scent....yeah, doubtful...Feb 5th is gonna be fun. We will finally know where we stand and can start looking forward to the 2015 class. 2014 class is probably the last of the "entitled mentality" class.
  15. I am by no way a chicken little fan and I understand (at least I hope I do) the decommits. We won that game, but they have benefitted far more by being in the SEC than we have in the Big 12 (strange name for a conf w/ 10 teams). I loved playing and beating the ags. This notion that they are the only ones benefitting from that game is ludicrous at best. We have to prove we are superior in every aspect...sorta defeats the SEC hype doesn't it? Otherwise we are kidding ourselves and we will continue to look like the brat that took his ball and went home.
  16. Have a question. So, the manager takes the time to go to the man's house to get $30...who was in control of the restaurant? If I owned a restaurant and did a drop by and the unmanaged staff told me what had happened, I would go to the man's house and fire my manager.
  17. Better than zero dark thirty in my opinion, was boring to me.
  18. Only if Mack is the Program Director...
  19. I think this is between him and Colt...Colt could get fired as well, as a matter of fact most on here criticize Ash for not being a fiery leader like Colt.

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