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Hoekem last won the day on January 12 2014

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  • Birthday 04/09/1963

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    Dad of Twin Boys that are Recent grads of UT
  • Location
    Moving to Austin soon
  • Interests
    Traveling, Eating and Grilling/smoking Great Beef and Seafood
  • Occupation
    Wound Specialist

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    Hope this works... http://spikey.com/these-28-body-paint-girls-are-absolutely-amazing/
  2. So, he is basically saying we get to date the prettiest girl unless...someone better looking coming along. Boy, way to stick your neck out there.
  3. When I saw Bohls name and educated voter in the same paragraph I stopped. To top it off he was the one to say it.
  4. Never seen so many silver shield and shield less posters
  5. This "I like Coach Strong but..." guys the sh1t is getting old. He has been able to recruit for 2 weeks and you're ready to concede defeat? Get over your love of Mack and realize he handcuffed any coach that followed his pitiful act. Strong and no one else gets credited extra visits...that includes Saban, Fisher, Mazahn, etc... You wanted us to back Mack well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Get on board or shut up!!!
  6. I wonder if the people that love Mack no matter what are gonna feel the same about Coach Strong after 16 years or is this just a special kinda thing they hold onto dearly because it is MBTF?
  7. These type of admissions lead me to believe we truly have been Camp Cupcake the last 16 years.
  8. Definitely put China on my bucket list!!!
  9. Oops... http://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-places/
  10. Credit goes to darickc on OB, gorgeous pics...enjoy!!! http://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-places/

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