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  1. http://www.astrosturf.com/2014/02/21/2014-in-a-glance/ My brother's article about his expectations for the season. writes alot about the minor league players and draft in other articles.
  2. Yep even through alittle Orange in there. Lol I was trying to figure out where they would put a redneck biker bar. I know one place that kinda looks it but its just not shady enough
  3. Beaumont representing itself well last night
  4. I coached with a guy who's dad was a former body builder and personal trainer. He said they key to anything to do is to work to failure.
  5. You dont have to bring in mobile QBs to run the spread. Plus this is to give us Depth so Swoopes and Heard have time to Develop.
  6. This was a game I was hoping to attend too.
  7. For those of you who do not understand a soft close thats exactly what Mack did here. Recruits are worried about where they might stand with an unknown coach. They dont need advice to look around when they already have other schools breathing down their necks. What Mack did was cause doubt at the worst possible time. While he was still getting paid by Texas. He made it sound like he was looking out for them and said "hey Texas is great" BUT if you came to play for me then you should move on. He knew what he was doing. He manipulates people for a living
  8. That is very exciting. It would be nice to see us really get out in front of the arms race. To second what echeese said about raw talent. We had a few coaches come through our office and I asked them how Texas kids compared to the rest of the south. He said that Florida has more raw athletes than anywhere and the southern states in general has more than the midwest, westcoast and so on. He said Texas athletes are not far behind florida kids but Texas has so many great programs and even the middle tier and small school programs are ran well. He said you will see really well ran programs here and there but Texas is filled with them. Its why you see the abundance of QBs coming from Texas. Texas kids come in more ready to play but some dont have the same upside you would think.
  9. Even if he did it subtly like some of you suggested he did still makes it wrong. Its a soft sell approach. You plant a seed and see if it grows.Mack planted a negative thought about Texas in these recruits brain when their is the most doubt. The coaches they knew were leaving. No one knew who was gonna become the next head coach and the recruits didn't know if they would fit into the new HC plans. They have other coaches knocking on the door offering comfort and security to these kids and the man who recruited them here subtly tells them that they need to look around while he is making millions from Texas. He knew what he was doing and it was wrong. on a side note JimR probably knows more about Mack than most and he said he is petty and egotistical
  10. So you're saying the kid is a liar? http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/video?id=9415423
  11. Its depressing really. Texas made the guy a millionaire and helped get him a NC. To me it whips away alot of the good he did here.
  12. As long as he is getting paid by the school he should not tell recruits to look around. They are already hearing it from every other coach in the country and even the former coach at Texas.... bitter old man
  13. If Mike Sherman was the one offering Lanfear I might be worried. I think he had a great eye for offensive talent.
  14. I'm not sure if its true but I think it has to do with how much it cost.
  15. If I was a recruit I would hit up UCLA, Washington, Miami, Texas, Hawaii. I think that would be a great few months of vacations. One thing I did hear is that you have to be committed to Hawaii to get a visit.
  16. Im sure she is a universal favorite
  17. I liked the Captain, Billy, the Quarter Master. I think John Silver is gonna develop down the line.
  18. Its a show about pirates. It has all of that but it's very well done. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  19. What did everyone think of episode 1? I really enjoyed it
  20. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/3166459/highlights/85536390

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