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  1. I'd prefer we schedule someone better OOC. UCLA is a good start. Now we need to beat them. Getting kicked around by BYU is not good for the brand. Aggy is going to be mediocre. We don't need to add a mediocre OOC team to a less-than-exciting Big 12 schedule. Go for the big names. Bring Game Day to Austin.
  2. Forecast for Sunday is currently showing low 30's and a "Wintery Mix". Do not understand their decision at all.
  3. Don't underestimate the power of a rejection letter from UT.
  4. Everyone should love their school. Just don't be aggy about it. If you have an aggy that went through fish camp, most hope is gone. I don't think they have brain cells left after that.
  5. I took the family to Vince Young Steakhouse Saturday Night. Vince visited every table from what I could tell and he could not have been nicer to everyone. Lots of flashes going off. The meal was great as was the service. Terrible news for Vince. I'm not sure what UT can do or does for its athletes in this regard, but it would be great to know what we could possibly do better. Perhaps an elective in Sports Finances where we pretty much enroll every athlete automatically and emphasize the key things they have to consider.
  6. Students together with the band in one section. Kill the commercials on Godzillatron. Make the bleacher seats available for $20 so your average fan could afford to attend the game and take their kids (and make noise!). If you don't sell beer at the games, at least sell Sprite.
  7. Obviously we will run what the coaches prefer to run, but we also have to adjust to our talent available. So, it will depend on who is the QB.
  8. The Baylor game was just about the worst offensive game plan and use of talent that I've ever seen at any level. On the other hand the OU game was surprisingly good. Go figure.
  9. Are you interested in playing in big-time bowl games and winning? There is one HC in Texas who has done this.
  10. Apparently aggy is an authority on gay slang. I'm not surprised.
  11. I cannot believe how drawn out this entire change has been. That said, if they get the right people in place it will be well worth it.
  12. This sounds as reasonable as any theory but I wish they'd get this deal wrapped up one way or another.
  13. Pretty much spot on. I assume that the numbers represent a relative value and not a ranking.

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