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    HornSolo reacted to Shambeaux in Traylor to Texas!   
    Outstanding and thanks for the info.
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    HornSolo got a reaction from killrjoe in Goodbye   
    Darrell if you get to read this, send me an email where you end up. You are the reason I can over in August and the reason I moved on last month. Best of luck to all the players who were involved in this and in your future endeavors as well.
    HookEm !!
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    HornSolo reacted to JimR in Goodbye   
    total mistake by all parties.
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    HornSolo reacted to Darrell McPhaul in Goodbye   
    I will no longer post on this board.  Some of you are aware of the reasons why.  
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    HornSolo reacted to ATX89 in Site responsiveness and content horribly lacking   
    I see the pushing out of Darrell hasn't garnered any improvements in site content or speed.  Not sure what servers are being used, but they are extremely slow which is odd due to the small number of subscribers.
    Content since I last logged in is even worse if that's possible.  Unbelievable that pro-rated refunds aren't available for those of us stupid enough to trust the site and it's hoped for trajectory and purchased a full year.  Once again, paying month to month and at higher rates is the way to go when the content is literally bait and switched.
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    HornSolo reacted to Texas67 in No more Crossfire means subscription cancellation   
    The only reason I came to this site was Crossfire.  Then, with no warning or explanation, it disappeared.  What was the problem?  What is this different direction that HornSports wants to go?  At this point, there has been no clear answer to either of those questions.  This has been a textbook example of how not to handle a change in direction for an organization.
    Obviously we are talking about minimal amounts of subscriber money here, but it would have been nice if management had stepped forward immediately to explain what was happening and why.  Instead, subscribers were greeted with silence, I assume because management hoped the problem would simply disappear with no explanation required on their part.  Unfortunately, that's not a good way to build good will with your subscriber base.
    I remain a subscriber, but I'm not impressed with the management of this site so far.
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    HornSolo reacted to ATX89 in No more Crossfire means subscription cancellation   
    It's ridiculous that the treatment of the crossfire author is leading me to leave? I know the author. He didn't ask for more $. He is getting hosed and I won't support a site that treats a friend in this manner.
    Trust me, I won't let the door hit me in the ass.
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    HornSolo reacted to Donald Boyles in No more Crossfire means subscription cancellation   
    What if I gave you some insider info on Longhorn Baseball??
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    HornSolo reacted to ATX89 in No more Crossfire means subscription cancellation   
    Sorry guys, but I'm out.  Similar to Bigg Ugly's departure,the content on this site can be found elsewhere and more promptly.  There is no value that warrants charging for a sub at this point.  The one true, inside sourced feature is now gone.  I'm on an annual membership, but would appreciate the mods making an exception to provide a pro-rated refund immediately.  The birdie features are dated info and watered down unfortunately and already covered by other sites.
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    HornSolo reacted to utisdabomb12 in Hammad staying at Texas?   
    Inside Texas reporting OL Rami Hammad is now telling those around him he's had a change of heart and will be staying at UT
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    HornSolo reacted to streettopeschel in Posting other site's content   
    Fine, but where's Crossfire this week ?
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    HornSolo reacted to BudreauReye in Bellmont birdies are singing   
    Here is some criticism for ya,  SOME PEOPLE DON'T LIKE IT!  Do we not have the right to say so?
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    HornSolo reacted to BudreauReye in Bellmont birdies are singing   
    Nothing to be sorry about.  I am not arguing for or against the status quo, or the way that things were at some time in the past, even last week.  Since I have been here, McPhaul has been the face of HornsSports.  Now he is not.  Even newspapers usually give bylines even to articles that are strictly news articles.  Seems to me that HornsSports should do everything possible to put a face on the enterprise. and give every staff person the opportunity to put their face forward, so, you know ... we can identify with them?
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    HornSolo reacted to BudreauReye in Bellmont birdies are singing   
    So Aaron, I flushed you out ... at least for tonight.  I respect everybody, Everybody has a right to say whatever they want ... and so do I.  Some people are not happy and it seems to me that some of them are leaving.  I have tended to be very supportive of HornsSports since I have been here and have tended to give whatever was going on at the time the benefit of the doubt.  I have set back and watched what was said in the dialogue that has been going on recently.  I think that some of the comments made by some of the more dissatisfied than me has been given short shrift because, well, they were dissatisfied and leaving after all.  I agree that you guys do not have to explain anything to  me or anybody else.  However, I believe that you have set yourselves up by being rather vague about what is going on while at the same time you are trying to explain things in a rather vague manner I must add.  You do not have to agree with me about this, it does not matter.  This is your gig, not mine.  But others have a right to their say also, or this is not a forum that is open, at least for pay.  So ... where does that leave us?  I probably will not have much to say about football.  I like football, but basketball is my thing, so I guess that I will just have to keep finding ways to irritate folks.  I tried to tell you earlier in another thread, that the list I was given when I came to HornsSports of people to be sure and irritate is getting rather short, so should I just take people in alphabetical order?
    And if anybody does not understand that that is a joke, please leave a post to that effect and you will go to the head of the list. 
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    HornSolo reacted to Dieselprime in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    There's a lot to gain from giving a clear explanation. Number one would be to retain the subscribers this site has gained from the inclusion of Crossfire. Your dad may have given you that line but none of us are children here, we are all hard working adults who have chosen to contribute to a site only to find out the one service that many of us paid to get has been discontinued without any explanation and only confirmed after days of complaining about it. The site is putting out many new columns. What if I find another one that's very successful, is it just going to get pulled again with no explanation as to why. If Burger King pulls the Whopper of the menu tomorrow with no explanation and refuses to explain why their customers are going to find other places to go. If Horn Sports chooses to discontinue their "Whopper" with no explanation to its members that's fine but just don't be disappointed when your replacement "cheeseburgers" aren't bringing in the crowds.
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    HornSolo got a reaction from zathras11 in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    Yep, " Luci you got some splaining to do" !!!!
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    HornSolo got a reaction from BudreauReye in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    Yep, " Luci you got some splaining to do" !!!!
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    HornSolo reacted to BudreauReye in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    I think a very specific explanation is in order ... anything less is just "vaguespeak".
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    HornSolo got a reaction from texasdobbs in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    well said texasdobbs.......well said.
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    HornSolo reacted to texasdobbs in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    Look I want to clarify... I'm not attacking hornsport I'm just upset with the decision as a paying customer... other than that I like hornsport. ..
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    HornSolo reacted to DougNTexas in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    When You guys added Darrell and started Crossfire he gave ya'll a big boost and ya'll used it to get a lot of publicity at the time. A lot of people joined just because of Darrell no question. To go 18 days forward without a true explanation of why Darrell was stopped is a little bit chicken sh*t. No problem. Looks like I just saved myself 5 bucks a month.
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    HornSolo reacted to texasdobbs in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    I was not going to say anything about this... but here you go...
    I enjoy hornsport and the community however I do fill like Crossfire was one of the reasons I decided to pay a membership and I'm a little upset about this. Look its your site and if that is the direction you want to go I will have to accept it because I paid for a year... Crossfire was a fun treat for me and I feel like it was taken away for no reason?
    There is some good articles on here but I want my Crossfire back please....
    I know that I sound like a whinny baby ... but I do like the community however I can get the community without paying $5.
    Have a good day .... and just 17 more days till football. ..
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    HornSolo got a reaction from BudreauReye in Crossfire update (Unfriended)   
    Yep, something smells in Denmark for sure......
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    HornSolo reacted to BudreauReye in Horn Sports Vision, Update   
    It is obvious that something is going on,  it feels like no one is in control, and no one is talking about it.
    Would someone who is in the know, please tell those of us who have no clue, who hornrush is?  Is he the supposed Darrell du jour?

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