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  1. son possible transfer to the good guys if dad hired? FYI he is a QB.
  2. agree, makes Jan fun again....
  3. Darrell if you get to read this, send me an email where you end up. You are the reason I can over in August and the reason I moved on last month. Best of luck to all the players who were involved in this and in your future endeavors as well. HookEm !!
  4. Yep, " Luci you got some splaining to do" !!!!
  5. Yep, something smells in Denmark for sure......
  6. Am very glad I just did month to month, Mod's I sent you an email yesterday in regards to my premium sub. Please give it your prompt attention. Best of luck to you guys going forward. HookEm.
  7. I would like to hear from McPhaul on this or has he been censored in some way?
  8. sorry, did not really consider the pg 2 post as an effort to clear the smoke that seems to surround the issue.
  9. I am curious why Darrell has at least not made a guest appearance on the thread?
  10. Sorry HS family I did not mean to create a crossfire storm so to speak. I was just concerned that something was up with Darrell and he may have had to go into witness protection or something. I do miss crossfire and it is the reason I joined. I do not plan on jumping ship but would like that premium product to return if possible.
  11. Why am I getting the impression that McPhaul's " Friend Of Bevo has unfriended him or something. Where the heck is my Crossfire....I want my Crossfire !!!! Sorry, major Crossfire withdrawals as you can see.. Have a great weekend HornSports family.
  12. Already have my season tickets. SicEm Bears. FYI, my son and daughter in-law are both Baylor grads and Son will graduate from Truett Seminary on the Baylor campus come fall. Hard not to cheer for a place that has all my money. ..
  13. Cluster 1 is tough Cluster F.... I mean 4 needs to include our ugly step brother
  14. McRaven would be an excellent choice. Then our chancellor could lead a special op over to the cesspool that is college station and clean that mess out once and for all. Hookem Admiral.
  15. I have heard this as well, Old conference monikers way go the way of the dinosaur.

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